Willful Women II

“Willful Women” contains an engaging mix of conflict, adventure, romance, sex and murder. (Scroll down)

“PG is too tame for some readers. ‘Willful Women’ is a collection of short stories focusing on the more fun and adult sort of entertainment, murder, scandal, corruption, and of course, sex. With the theme of the willing and able woman for many adventures, Randall S. Smith tells many pulpy and fun stories that will give readers a great deal of fun. “Willful Women” is a fine collection, not to be missed.”

Willful Women is a collection of twelve adult fiction stories in a variety of genres. Each tale has at least one willful woman; some kick butt, others use guns, one prefers a taser, another likes a whip or a knife, some are naughty, some nice.

What readers say:

These stories are action packed with twists and turns to keep the reader guessing what will come next. How Mr. Smith comes up with the variety of story-lines is amazing. I relished reading each and every one just to see what in the world would happen. My husband and I thoroughly enjoyed the collection, a lot of conflict, action, romance, drama, and humor. I recommend Willful Women to anyone who is looking for a good read. Definitely 5 stars in my opinion.
I found this collection of stories to be very entertaining. Randall writes in a style that reminds me of several other authors in this genre. I heartily recommend his writings.
‘Willful Women’ by Randall Smith is certainly a creative collage of suspense filled short stories of determined women and the exciting variety of circumstances they must contend with, to say the least. Thrilling! Don’t miss reading all twelve stories. Easy reading with twists and turns that will surprise you! Look forward to more of your talented imagination, Randy!
These stories are not politically correct and are not for the faint of heart, this book has stories of butt-kicking action from beginning to end, readers will not be disappointed!! Here Mr. Smith puts a great amount of effort and attention to detail into character and story line development while drawing inspiration from different facets of life. While the woman are “Willful” and will always do whatever they can to come out on top. In the end, most readers will find themselves wishing they could be one of these women or wanting them.
Willful Women has many willful readers who enjoy reading Randall Smith’s humorous, sexy and fast paced collection of short stories. They will leave you with a big smile on your face and a warm place in your heart. It is fun to read and very entertaining. 5 stars and kudos to you, Randy! well done !

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Strong women are specific to no era of history. “Willful Women II” is a collection of short stories from Randall S. Smith as he writes of women in many stages of history from the distant past to a possible future, offering women looking at the odds and doing what they can to break through it all and make quite the difference. “Willful Women II” is a strong pick for general fiction collections focusing on short stories.
— The Midwest Book Review

While these stories may not all be politically correct, they are a fun and adult entertainment. With the theme of willing-and-able women, including a pirate queen, nurses, assassins, secret agents, and starcraft pilots, most readers will find themselves either wishing they could be one of these women or else wanting one of them.


Assassin Affairs – Encore Edition

A while back, I began writing short stories for the Kindle. My 17th, Renée’s Revenge, evolved into a series of nine tales, later consolidated into Assassin Affairs – Encore Edition, a 458 page novel. This blog will be a lengthy synopsis, so if you do plan to read the book, it could be a spoiler. On the other hand, it could entice potential readers to do so.




There was a movie with a petite, harmless-looking redhead. Suddenly she pulls out a pistol with a silencer, blows away some guy and nonchalantly departs. It was inspiring, and my character Renée was born.

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Renée’s tale opens with a security camera capturing her image as she makes her way down a dimly-lit hallway, pistol in hand. Her lover has suffered a horrible death in a torture-murder by an evil cartel. They have messed with the wrong girl. She is a hit-woman for the New York mob and out for revenge. Taking out the perpetrators one-by-one, she eventually crosses paths with Danny, a bored and troubled small town detective. They become involved. He sympathizes with her loss, and she is reluctant to reveal that her deceased lover was female.

One problem with being a hit-woman is you make enemies. A contract is put out on her. Enter Laura, a high-priced west coast contractor. Things get tense when she gets the drop on Danny and Renée. Renée picks up on Laura’s dormant bisexual nature and turns her. Now the threesome goes after the two women out to get her. One is her nemesis in the NY crime family, both work for Godfather Charles Cicero. In an exciting, page-turning segment, they take them out and celebrate with a menage a trois, followed by Laura returning to her boring home-life in California.

Colorado Cabin is chapter two and opens with a scene inspired by a personal experience. One of the characters has been rescued from a disaster scene and is being flown by helicopter to a trauma center She has suffered a concussion and has amnesia as she awakens on the chopper. What has happened and why everyone wonders.

It turns out the daughter of a famous movie star, this woman’s sister, has been abducted. Unsatisfied with incompetent authorities, the mom decides to hire mercenaries to rescue her. She ends up with Laura who returns to recruit Danny and Renée to join her. The high school senior is rescued and bonds with the trio in a Colorado cabin, ultimately becoming the next member of the assassination team. Who would ever suspect an innocent-looking kid with braces? She does a hit.

Her mom had been warned that dealing with these people would be akin to dancing with the devil. As part of the original negotiations, the desperate woman was maneuvered into agreeing to a sexual bonus if her daughter could be successfully returned. The corrupt daughter orchestrates the event in the third chapter Awkward Accommodations. Laura’s partners Danny and Renée show up at her home to collect. The daughter hides in the closet to watch as Mom learns she is required to seduce them, both of them. Things become more awkward in the middle of the night as the daughter comes out of hiding.

A call comes in from the boss, Godfather Cicero. A hit has been ordered for someone in the area. The three killers venture off to a high-rise condo. They encounter a gathering and everyone is directed to strip. There are sexual misdeeds, with most eventually taking a flier off the balcony, everyone but a young woman named Ashley. She wasn’t on the hit list and had been cooperative. Nude and vulnerable, she remains the lone survivor on the balcony after the others have plunged to their deaths. She gets recruited as the next team member assassin.

As Danny goes his own way, the girls go on to new adventures, subjecting their next victim to a new sex game in Tasting Testing, chapter four. She hires them for yet another hit. Renée then takes a break and ventures abroad in Thailand Terror. Now she gets abducted. The CIA is encountered. Two look-alike sisters join up in the subsequent segment Lethal Liaisons. They are already professional assassins. Stunned to learn they have a younger third sister, the story evolves into the Lethal Ladies chapter where she is rescued from a gang of bad guys who pay the ultimate price. The growing assassin group ends up back in the Colorado cabin where they all spend time bonding.

The story takes various twists and turns as they can’t shake their unwanted tie to the CIA. They end up in Washington DC, involved with the political arena and its nasty treacheries. It’s a Fatal Ascension as the evil CIA woman rises in power, manipulating the team into doing her misdeeds. The original version of the novel reached its conclusion with this chapter. However in my next endeavor The Diva Den, they wormed they way back into the story, so I subsequently added it as an encore.

It opens with this line, “My ol’ lady is a hooker. I’m okay with it. I’m a junkie. My friends know me as Dude, and this is my journal.” The story starts out showing life as seen through Dude’s eyes. He and his gf end up running a strip club. Even though I was creating the tale, I didn’t foresee Dude’s fate until it was upon me. He is murdered and my eyes swell up as I’m writing him writing his dying thoughts. Girlfriend Maggie takes up where he leaves off. The journal turns into a diary in her crude lingo. It was a mob hit and she seeks vengeance.

Maggie and her Amish girlfriend meet up with Crime bosses in their quest for justice against the major offenses, Dude’s murder and her girlfriend’s rape. They get hooked up with one of the young women from the Assassin Team. Along the journey of retribution, another bond is formed and she takes the girls to meet her special family, the entire gang, including the famous movie star who they idolize and the infamous Renée. Several decades have elapsed.

Be forewarned, there is sexual content, including segments with bisexual females and lesbians, and the novel is appropriate only for adults.


What do you remember about high school literature class? We were force-fed the usual required material. I hated it! All I learned was that reading sucked.

Decades passed, then a few more. One night I had a dream. I was walking through the fall-colored foothills of New England celebrating the publication of my second novel. It was inspiring, a message from my subconscious. When I awoke, I took up the other side of the reading equation, writing.

Family helped with editing and feedback as I experimented with lots of different genres to see what worked for me, mystery, action, adventure, satire, science fiction. My buddy was a non-fiction guy. That type often does not like fiction. I had never realized this. It’s similar to the notion that people who drink scotch, don’t like bourbon and vice versa. He threw my story down on the table.

“This will never be a best-seller!” he shouted.
“That’s fine,” I humbly responded. “If I can get just a hundred readers, I’ll be delighted!”

His elderly mother was the opposite. Every Saturday night I would visit them for burgers on the grill, taking along a printout of my newest work for her to peruse. My mind was still creating dialogue on the weekly drive over, at times nearly causing a few collisions along the way. When you write, your mind enters an alternate universe. Your imaginary characters become real, the relationships intimate. Each story took on a life of its own. I never knew where it was taking me. It was like driving into a fog. I had to write more to find out what would happen next. I recall his mom working her way across the room with her walker, her cane hanging on its side as she hobbled in my direction to speak.

“You write so well. I hope you continue with it,” she announced, handing me back the material she had just reviewed. Wow, awesome!

Thank you digital age. I learned how to upload my creations to the Kindle. Suddenly I was published around the world! In addition to the USA, people in the UK, throughout Europe, much of Asia, Australia, Central and South America, Canada and many other places could all read what I had written and they did. So cool. Amazon reported the number of downloads to me daily. The count soared into five figures. Wow, truly cool. They added a photo gallery; I no longer had to create my own covers. They bought a paperback company; I could also publish hard copies.

Change is the only constant. My friend’s mom has now passed, him too. My tales have undergone rewrites. Story tweaking is so easy in the digital age. I felt they were too bland. If I was getting bored writing them, how much could the readers like them? I made them more disturbing, more erotic.

Three teenage girls are out and about when one gets abducted and abused. The little old ladies jumped on “That Old House on Delaney Street” with bad reviews. Okay, so lets do an expanded rewrite with all three abducted. I wrote “Beacon Boarding and Bordello.” Hey this is fun, let’s add in newlywed victims and make one of the villains a serial killer. Cool. I proudly uploaded it. Time for part II. The girls get rescued and one goes on a cross-country sexual killing spree of her own. I now had a novel and called it “Serial Predators.”

I got more readers. There was domination, submission, humiliation. I had to let myself go more. I created a pen-name. Characters became more deranged, even sadomasochistic. I’m still a relative unknown, but my most popular tales are under that new persona.

More change. Amazon recently announced that Amazon Prime readers can read eBooks for free. We authors used to get paid by the download, but now it’s by how much of the download actually gets read by a Prime customer. I can’t tell who you are, but I can tell how much of my story you read. Sometimes it can be discouraging, other times I feel elated when I can see that an entire book is being enjoyed. It’s updated throughout the day and excellent feedback. I’m learning how to scratch your literary itch. Evolution, ain’t it great!

Serial Predators -Kara

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Available on Kindle.

Four years in the making, this horror story began in 2010 as That Old House on Delaney Street, later being significantly altered and expanded into Beacon, Boarding & Bordello, and now enlarged again as Serial Predators. It is intended for the adult reader.

To celebrate their high school graduation, Kara and her two best friends leave their conservative church community, venturing off to the city for some fun and excitement. Vulnerable and naïve, they are easy targets and soon abducted by a group of sexual predators. To make matters worse, one of the captors, the heavyset Mama character, is also a bisexual, psychopathic serial killer. The three innocent girls have passed through the gates of Hell, entering a lengthy period of sex slavery. Shortly before their rescue, they are joined in their captivity by newlyweds. Kara and the bride bond, vowing to reunite one day if they should ever escape and be separated.

Help finally arrives; the young women are saved. Suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome, Kara’s issues aren’t resolved by psychiatric therapy, and she departs on a cross-country journey, seeking her own form of resolution. Perhaps it is the Stockholm Syndrome causing her to become like those who had imprisoned her, as she begins an odyssey of more sexual misbehavior and killings.

Although some lives are spared, the body count climbs. Segments get intense as some kill for her in order to survive. There are sexual entanglements. Nearly a year has passed when Kara recalls the planned rendezvous with her now-lost bride friend Harper. Others have done such atop the Empire State Building, the girls’ fantasy reunion was planned for the Seattle Space Needle. In a moment of remorse, Kara releases her latest victims and continues her trek further west.

The pair reunite, becoming something of a Thelma and Louise as they continue the adventure together. Innocent and not as damaged as Kara, Harper is like a counter-balance. Attempting to even out the bad karma with good, they rescue a young woman they have seen abducted. Expecting to find a rape victim, they end up involved with a New York City mob ransom. The appreciative Godfather has them flown to Manhattan in his Learjet where both separately encounter new intensities.

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Willful Women II Ten story collection with assassins, starcraft pilots, wartime nurses and more

Assassin Affairs – Encore EditionThe Willful Women Assassins Series. A tale of women demure and innocent-looking, but in reality, feisty and lethal.

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Kindle Stories – Willful Women Collection

“Imagination is more important than knowledge.”  – Albert Einstein

I use my imagination to create stories for the Kindle and  recently published  the novel “Serial Predators”, available in paperback and on the Kindle.

Serial Predators – Kara


The following titles are also available both digitally and in paperback:

I write the Willful Women stories for the Kindle. I chose the best ten of the first seventeen and packaged them into the collection “Willful Women II”. The original collection has a four-star rating.

Some e-book covers have been revised from what you see below.



PG is too tame for some readers. “Willful Women” is a collection of short stories focusing on the more fun and adult sort of entertainment, murder, scandal, corruption, and of course, sex. With the theme of the willing and able woman for many adventures, Randall S. Smith tells many pulpy and fun stories that will give readers a great deal of fun. “Willful Women” is a fine collection, not to be missed.
– The Midwest Book Review


Strong women are specific to no era of history. “Willful Women II” is a collection of short stories from Randall S. Smith as he writes of women in many stages of history from the distant past to a possible future, offering women looking at the odds and doing what they can to break through it all and make quite the difference. “Willful Women II” is a strong pick for general fiction collections focusing on short stories.
— The Midwest Book Review


Stories 17 thru 25 are the Willful Women Assassins Series, and have been consolidated into the novel “Assassin Affairs – Encore Edition”.

While these stories may not all be politically correct, they are a fun and adult-type of entertainment. With the theme of willful women, including wartime nurses, a pirate queen, assassins, secret agents, and starcraft pilots, most readers will find themselves either wishing they could be one of these women, or else wanting one of them. Some tales contain elements of domination and submission, and several are appropriate only for those age eighteen and over.

Look for “Assassin Affairs – Encore Edition”, a series of mildly erotic tales following a group of female assassin-mercenaries, their missions, romances and sex lives. Segments are of a bisexual or lesbian nature.


For the Amazon listing of my stories, go to: http://www.amazon.com/Randall-S.-Smith/e/B0039AL6R4/ref=ntt_dp_epwbk_0

About SAM, a fast-paced page turner, tells of a housewife confronted with various family issues while she’s busy working as a secret agent for the Department of Homeland Security, saving the free world from al-Qaeda’s misdeeds.

Awkward Accommodations – a middle-aged mom with an inactive sex-life becomes obligated to seduce a younger mercenary-assassin couple.

Back to World War II is a historical-fiction. It’s based on my late father’s war memoirs of his experiences in New Guinea and other areas, with a dose of my imaginative fiction added for fun.

Beacon Boarding & Bordello – Three young women are kidnapped by sexual deviants and a serial killer in this rewrite of ‘That Old House on Delaney Street’.

In Blake Industries we find a willful woman who has made her fortune by divorcing husbands, while another is a ‘person of interest’ in several suspicious suicides. A corporate jet gets into trouble, another Ponzi scheme is discovered, and a romance flourishes.

Chloe’s Choice – a short story of a Vietnam era romance as told from the woman’s perspective.

Colorado Cabin – In this sexually-oriented sequel to Renée’s Revenge, a high school senior is abducted by a former mental patient with a history of sexual deviancy. A team of three mercenaries is on their way to rescue her, two women and a man, with some deviant ideas of their own.

The Diva Den – A coming-of-age, innocence-lost tale of an Amish girl on Rumspringa – mobsters, molls, murders, mayhem, money, and forbidden romance.

Exploited Relationships – Sexy, blonde Amanda is a manipulative bisexual with an attitude and a young woman of great wealth. She delights in finding new ways to demean, embarrass and humiliate those around her, exploiting them for her own perverse, deviant, sophomoric pleasures.

Fatal Ascension – A senior female special agent ascends to CIA Director, maneuvers her way into the VP slot of a Presidential candidacy and wins. Volume 8 in a series.

Guardians – A group of young American astronauts working on a top-secret project from Area 51 make first contact in this exciting and fun read.

Just Rewards – bank robbery in the sixties. A young woman teller is kidnapped.

KILL FOR ME! – A young woman psychopath’s first passion is killing. Delegating the task to innocent others, along with introducing them to new sexual experiences, is number two.

Lethal Ladies – A sexual tale of a group of assassin-mercenaries, their missions, romances and sex lives. Some segments bisexual or of a lesbian nature. Volume 7 in the assassins series.

Lethal Liaisons – Two look-alike sisters grow up in the country’s heartland. Starting out with careers in law and modeling, they evolve into assassins.

Lost in Space-Time – Young astronauts discover how to fold space and travel great distances in a very short period of time. They encounter aliens and later come upon a young, kidnapped Earth woman.

Micky Mallet, P.I. There are several suspicious deaths when an egocentric billionaire desires the wife of a powerful politician.
Pirate Queen of the Caribbean – a wicked, willful woman who evolves from an innocent spa-girl into an evil, bi-sexual Pirate Queen. Domination and sadomasochism, drugs and fast boats.

Polar Opposites – Two young, strong-willed women meet in a biker gang when each is masquerading as someone else. Should they be the best of friends or the worst of enemies?

Renée’s Revenge – A young New York City hit-woman seeks vengeance for the torture-murder of her lover, and finds new romance along the way.

Rising Up follows the life of a young woman in a remote European village as she rises up through the political ranks, conquering her man along the way.

Tasting Testing – The reader gets introduced to a new sex-party theme. Adult content.

Thailand Terror – The fifth volume of the assassin series, this story follows the girls to Asia, where their adventures continue, with a surprise ending. Some segments are of a bisexual nature.

That Old House on Delaney Street is home to Mama, who uses an ax and a buzz saw to ensure her will be done. Teen prisoners are kept for special games in their dreary basement.

The Sinclair Affair – A young orphan woman survives an assassination attempt to discover she may have a twin. She takes her newly-acquired pistol to the big city as she attempts to find her.

Trouble in Toyland is a short adult fantasy tale of a wicked Queen and the young woman who defeats her.

These stories are available individually on the Kindle, and most are in one of the collections “Willful Women”, “Willful Women II”, or the novel “Assassin Affairs”. Look for the expanded “Assassin Affairs – Encore Edition”.

Assassin Affairs – The Willful Women Assassins Series is consolidated into this novel, with a conclusion that is available only here. A young, New York City hit-woman uses her seductive, manipulative, femme fatale nature to hook-up with an assortment of women who are not always what they seem, developing them into a team demure and innocent-looking, but in reality, feisty and lethal.

Assassin Affairs – Encore Edition – The original novel with the addition of The Diva Den, a story in which all the characters make an unplanned return.
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Beacon Boarding & Bordello

Beacon Boarding & Bordello

On their way to the big city seeking adventure, three young women stop to pick up a couple of cute guys. When they drop them off at a mysterious old house, they make the mistake of accompanying the intriguing young men inside. After darkness settles in, a demented old couple called Mama and Papa return home and work with their son and his friend to seize them. They are all sexual predators.

Petite, young Kara, the gentlest and most vulnerable of the three, experiences the brunt of everyone’s aggression. She realizes early on that the heavyset Mama is more than deranged; she is a violent psychopath and a serial killer. Kara makes sacrifices to deal with it in an endeavor to win her over and ensure their survival.

This is the girls’ story and was originally published as That Old House on Delaney Street in 2010. Due to significant revisions, and a doubling in length, it has been renamed. The tale is somewhat deviant and sordid, but non-explicit. The first few pages are the same, then things take a different tack.

The Diva Den

On Kindle: The Diva Den – A long-short coming-of-age, innocence-lost tale of a young Amish girl on Rumspringa, out to discover the realities of the outside world. She experiences many of its vices, then crosses paths with the willful women assassins team.

Mobsters, molls, murders, mayhem, and forbidden romance, this story has ’em all….and of course, strippers and drugs. Did you know that a watermelon martini is considered an aphrodisiac?



“Is it wrong to be in love with another woman?” Princess asked.

“No, kid, love is like a gift from heaven. Take it where you can find it in this life,”

– – –

It was a kiss unlike any I had ever witnessed before. I could feel the electricity all the way over on my side of the bed.

A few moments later, in the heat of passion, the street-hardened prostitute, strip-bar manager and part-time drug dealer could no longer hold back her much-guarded feelings. With a panting moan, the sought after words escaped her lips, “I love you, too.”

For me, that experience was second only to our first night together. I got off on it, too, watching the two of them share such intense feelings. After that night, things changed.

– – –

Suddenly, and seemingly from out of nowhere, we looked up to see Raven standing in the middle of our apartment, uninvited. A black man with dreadlocks locked the door and came up behind her.

We’re here for Vito Vincenzi’s drug money,” said Raven.

With Princess’s comments fresh in her mind, Maggie dove for the pistol. She had spent years hooking on the streets and had become used to violence. Maggie knew we had big trouble and fired off a round.

– – –

“Mr. Vincenzi, I have your niece,” I said. “It will cost you one million dollars to get her back.”

“Who is this?”

“It doesn’t matter. Who I am is irrelevant, just get me my million dollars.”

– – –

“To answer your earlier question, I haven’t killed a lot of people, but I have taken out a few that were pretty high profile.”

“I think it’s best if we don’t hear any more details, Kristie,” I said.

“Normally I don’t talk this much, but I know where you guys live.” She was once again wearing her sunglasses, she lowered them an inch and stared at us with those cold eyes, adding, “If you talk, I’ll just come kill you. Are you both cool with that?”

– – –

I love this scope. I can see the steam rising from his coffee.”

– – –

…Word is you both took part in those two killings. Is that right?”

We nodded, not sure how much to say.

“Good, that makes you people of interest in my world…

– – –

…After the ceremony, we’re having a separate celebration that’s clothing-optional and sex-optional. It’s all very casual.….It’s an experimental party theme that the newlyweds wanted to try…

“…. Kristie was supposed to have you sign confidentiality agreements.…. Let’s go have you sign those forms right now.”

“Okay.” We grabbed a few cocktails and some prime rib snacks. The table was full of aphrodisiacs – oysters, salmon, almonds, chocolates. We followed her inside where a band was playing.

“Who are your friends, Jessica?” asked a woman about fifteen years older.

“Princess and Queen, I’d like you to meet Renée.”

Oh shit, the infamous Renée! My glass slips out of my hand and shatters on the hardwood floor. Princess saves the day and comes off as some debutant, calmly extending her hand and expressing the pleasure of making the acquaintance. I’m impressed, I’ve never seen this side of her.

Promotion for "Willful Women" fiction collection

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