Willful Women Excerpts


The following are some excerpts from various stories in the “Willful Women” collection:

Alyssa was beginning to work her way through the crowd when she noticed someone following the other young woman. It was Sonny! At the same time she spotted him, this young woman spotted her and showed a look of stunned disbelief. With an instinct that only an identical twin can have, Alyssa knew without a doubt that this was indeed Rose. She signaled to her that she was being followed. There was an expression of panic, and Rose was gone. Sensing the danger, Alyssa quickly faded into the background as well, with a feeling of security knowing that she had her Glock.    (The Sinclair Affair)



They started playing a new game, although none of them was seriously paying attention to it. Paulie was more interested in Bill, Bill in Annie, Annie in Alyssa and Alyssa in Paulie. (The Sinclair Affair)



They were interrupted by someone kicking in his front door. It was a big, bald oaf who reminded her of someone named ‘Guido’ that she had once seen in a mob movie. Her backpack was sitting on her lap; she edged her hand in and gripped her Glock, releasing the safety.

“You’re coming with me, girlie,” he bellowed.

Petite Alyssa sat still on the sofa, looking as sweet, innocent and vulnerable as ever. It was the image that Paulie had come to know her by. She had been itching for a chance to use her special toy, but each time it had come close, the chance had slipped away. This time would be different. (The Sinclair Affair)



“If I can take you right here right now, we do things my way,” she challenged confidently.

“I’ll take that dare any day of the week,” he responded as he stuck out his chest and tried to look manly.

Before he could take his next breath, Dex found himself on his back looking up into his lady’s blue-green eyes. She had him pinned down with one of his arms bent behind his back. As she stared down into his baby blues, she gave his arm an affectionate twist. With his free arm, he pulled her close and kissed her. (About SAM)



a large disc-shaped craft came into view. It dwarfed them in size, appearing to be at least twenty times larger. It was hard to tell though, as once again they weren’t sure how far away it was. It may have been even larger, had a strange notch on the edge of its round shape, and was gently pulsating with a bright white color. Soon a few more similar ships came into view.

“Oh my God!” exclaimed one of them as each looked both horrified and excited at the same time. “I bet the energy burst from that wormhole of BB’s must have somehow attracted them,” someone added. There was suddenly a state of confusion and chaos aboard the Starship Aspiration. ……..Soon even more of the large discs appeared and began circling the Aspiration like large fish in the sea circling their prey. (Lost in Space-Time)




Kila now reached back over her shoulder and pulled out the whip. She swung it about and then wrapped it around the fallen girl’s neck. She gleefully dragged her around, then looked over at Kurk and asked, “Okay, tough guy, what are you willing to do to save her?”  (Lost in Space-Time)



Bethany was awakening in complete darkness and to a splitting headache. She tried to speak, but was gagged with some sort of ball in her mouth. She tried to move, but was tightly bound onto something. Hours passed and she could feel her muscles becoming stiff. As a ray of daylight finally worked its way through a distant window well, she could see that she was bound to some exercise equipment, in a bent over position. She could also see she was not alone. Some ten feet from her was a good-looking young man; he wore shackles and was also gagged. (That Old House on Delaney Street, a sexual thriller)



Her warden slapped her hard. “You need to learn some manners, sweetie!” The large woman dragged her outside of the playroom and into the other section of the basement where she and Papa had a workshop with a nice assortment of power tools. She turned on a table-mounted, electric buzz saw and it began spinning ominously. She forced Bethany’s hand onto the table in front of the humming blade and said, “When you don’t cooperate, you get punished!”

“Stop! Wait! I’ll do whatever you want!” Mama released her hand and Bethany fell to the floor.  (That Old House on Delaney Street)



“I’m losing my good looks, Bobby…..I look old and fat,” she whined.

“Oh, babe, you don’t look old,” he said.   (Pirate Queen of the Caribbean)



….you talk too much, and you just broke our rule to talk only when spoken to,” he said. “You don’t impress me as ready to do whatever we say.”

“Gina, come over here and take the little toy,” Carlos said as Alejandro held out the woman’s yellow taser gun. They proceeded to show her how to adjust the control.

“She’s chunkier than the others,” Alejandro said. “You’d better turn it up a notch or two.”

Gina fired the weapon and the woman yelled out in agony. “Oh, this is fun!” she exclaimed. “I’m glad this place is sound proof.”

(Pirate Queen of the Caribbean)



“Um, Sissy,” said Gina.

“Yes, Gina?”

“You wouldn’t mind would you?” Gina asked, as she looked down at the now-empty space by their feet.

Having seen the importance of submissiveness, she said, “No, I don’t mind, Gina,” as she arose from their large, comfy chair and repositioned herself to become the new footrest. Gina rested her feet upon her special guest’s back and smiled as she got more comfortable and ate some popcorn.

(Pirate Queen of the Caribbean)



“Tase her! Tase her!” shouted the sadistic gathering. This was an assembly of outlaws prone to violence, none with a conscience. Some had been members of outlaw biker gangs up north, but were now opting for the warmer climate of the Caribbean. One of them began hoisting a pirate flag up a pole in the yard. There was no one that the girls could appeal to for help. (Pirate Queen)



As she was about to cry, an amazing creature fluttered down from the sky. It was one of the mythical harpies, half-bird and half-woman, with wings large enough to wrap itself inside if desired. She too had golden hair and seemed to take pity on the suffering girl. The harpy was unable to speak human words, but made her concern clear as she cocked her head to one side and made strange squawks of curiosity. (Trouble in Toyland)



The bartender from the biker bar was dragged in, accompanied by a young woman who was bound and gagged. As the pair was being positioned by the edge of the pool, Jenny continued talking. ……As she spoke, she pulled out a Glock which had been hidden behind one of the seat cushions and began attaching a silencer.

“Let’s have some fun, love,” said Jenny as she helped Tricia to stand up and moved her over to the pool’s edge in front of the new guests. “There’s one round chambered and an empty clip. Kill the bartender for the video camera, and I’ll let you live. If you don’t, I’ll shoot him myself, but in such a way that he falls into the girl and knocks her into the pool. We’ll all watch her drown, and it will be all your fault…..Do it for both of us, love, and for the nice girl,” she said as she wrapped Tricia’s hand around the grip. “Kill for me now!” Jenny commanded.

(Polar Opposites)



she relaxed in a hot bubble bath, listening to soft music, sipping some red wine, and surrounded by burning candles. Suddenly she sensed she wasn’t alone and looked up to see Jenny standing over her, brandishing her pistol with its attached silencer.

“I’m baaaacckkk,” Jenny gloated.

“This can’t be good,” she said fearfully. “What are you doing here, Jenny? How did you get in?”

“Tsk tsk tsk; I got in because I’m good at what I do. You’ve been a naughty girl, haven’t you? It wasn’t nice arresting me like that. I hope you’ve learned your lesson.” She sat on the side of the soap-bubble-filled tub as she threateningly slid the edge of the silencer along Kristin’s face.

“What do you want, Jenny?” she asked uneasily.

“Suck on this,” she ordered, as she grabbed her by the hair and forced the weapon into Kristin’s mouth. The two of them remained motionless as the seconds ticked by slowly and as they peered into one another’s eyes. “Did you miss me, love? I suggest you say ‘yes’ if you want to live.”

Kris nodded affirmatively.

Jenny sat pondering awhile, enjoying her moment of dominance. She broke the silence as she reached into the bubbles for Kristin’s hand and said, “Here, hold the gun for me, love.” She then began to undress.

Kris gently eased the weapon out of her mouth and asked, “Unloaded, huh?”

“Nope, all you’d have to do is release the safety and it’s good to go. You could shoot me and claim self-defense. Who could ever question that?”


(Polar Opposites)



The portly, wealthy businessman had been found dead on the floor of his high-rise office, with a pair of broken eyeglasses lying next to his head. A bullet-hole in the window was clear evidence of what had happened. The nearest building of comparable height was a half-mile away, indicating this had been the work of a professional.

(Micky Mallet, P.I.)


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Content copyright // 2010. Willful Women. All rights reserved.

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