Pirate Queen of the Caribbean – Samples

       Suddenly a shot rang out! Donnie slumped over dead. It was an ambush. Another go-fast boat had been hidden behind the buoy, lying in wait for their anticipated approach.

       “Oh shit!” Joey shouted as he made a sharp turn and gunned the engines to full speed. Frankie reached for a rifle, hidden away for emergencies. Gina groped in the darkness for a life jacket.  

       “I can’t see anything! Where do I shoot?” shouted Frankie.

       “I don’t know!” Joey answered as another shot whizzed by his ear, just missing him. “God dammit, these guys must have night vision goggles! I’m going to have to zigzag to avoid their gunfire.” As he quickly made an evasive turn, both Gina and Frankie fell to the floor.

       Soon a volley of additional gunfire began hitting Miss Teke. The radar was hit; they were running blind. Then one of the engines took a bullet; their speed dropped.

       “These guys are gonna blow us up!” Joey yelled with a clear tone of fear in his voice.

       “I don’t think that’s their plan,” said Frankie. “These shots are too targeted. These guys are pros!”

       The pursuing go-fast was quickly alongside them and two additional shots rang out. Both Joey and Frankie took hits and fell wounded and helpless. Gina now had on her life-jacket and pondered jumping into the dark waters, miles from anywhere. Before she could work up the courage, their boat was boarded and she was promptly subdued.

       “Who are you guys? What do you want?” she asked in a futile manner.

       “Shut up, bitch!” one of them shouted as he punched her in the face. While she lay there semi-conscious she could hear their voices and the roar of the two boats’ engines, but she had no idea where she was or where she was going. What little consciousness she had left soon slipped away, and the next thing she knew she was awakening in a strange windowless room.

       As she began to regain her senses, she felt pain in her arms and could sense they were back on land. She quickly discovered that she had been strung up and was hanging from a ceiling beam, with small ropes tied around her wrists. Her captors had removed her life-jacket and bound both Joey and Frankie into two nearby chairs. They, too, were in a state of semi-consciousness.

       “Wake up, Joey!” one of them shouted.


       A few minutes later Ramon came into the room. Everyone was surprised to see his little companion wearing a chain dog collar and a leash.

       “Hi, all,” he greeted. “I always wanted to have a puppy when I was younger, so I decided to make her my puppy.” He had the young girl crawling on her hands and knees, and she was naked. “I’ve decided to name her Puppy, too,” he said as he swatted her butt and commanded, “Speak, Puppy!”

       “Arf, arf,” was the newly-trained response. The whole room laughed.

       “Where are her clothes?” asked Gina with a snicker.

       “Puppies don’t wear clothes, silly. Come along, Puppy,” he said as he tugged on her leash. Ramon then sat at the table and instructed his little pet to curl up at his feet.

       “Take her out to the bunker with the others,” requested Gina as Alejandro rejoined the group and smiled at the scene.

       “No, I want Puppy here with me!” he insisted. “What difference could it possibly make anyway?”

       “Okay, okay if you feel that strongly about it,” she said as she plopped his plate of breakfast food in front of him.

       He then got up and went into the pantry, returning with an old dog food bowl. He put a small amount of his breakfast into the bowl and set it on the floor by his new pet.


       “Would you prefer to be with the younger sister, Sissy?” asked Gina as she slid her stroking hand from Sissy’s hair down to her chest. Sissy was too afraid to push her hand away and sat there enduring the gentle fondling.

       “No, Gina, I’m happy just sitting here with you.”

       Puppy promptly returned with the video camera, and Gina played back one of the clips of them tasing the girls. As they watched, Gina put Sissy’s hand between her legs. “Can you see why obedience is important here, Sissy?”

       “Yes, ma’am,” she said, with an increasing state of anxiety and cooperation.

       Gina then directed the younger sister to position herself in front of them as a footrest, and they both placed their feet on her bare back.

       “Hey!” hollered Ramon. “I want my puppy back. Use your own special friend as a footrest, not my puppy!”

       “He’s right you know, Sissy. We can’t monopolize Puppy for such things during the persuasion game.”

       Not wanting Ramon to have her back, she commanded “Puppy, go see if Uncle Carlos needs you.”

       Carlos now liked having the sisters call him uncle. He said it made it seem like more of a family environment to him. He was clearly the head of this makeshift family and no one ever dared question his authority. He was also the keeper of the popular yellow taser gun and kept it at his side. Puppy quickly scampered over to him and got invited up onto his lap.

       “Um, Sissy,” said Gina.

       “Yes, Gina?”

       “You wouldn’t mind would you?” Gina asked, as she looked down at the now-empty space by their feet.

       Having seen the importance of submissiveness, she said, “No, I don’t mind, Gina,” as she arose from their large, comfy chair and repositioned herself to become the new footrest. Gina rested her feet upon her special guest’s back and smiled as she got more comfortable and ate some popcorn.


       Disregarding her objective of masquerading as a group from the Middle East, Gina next climbed up onto one of the tables just as the lone remaining security guard happened to belatedly make his move. She fired off a brief burst of rounds, promptly killing him. She then shouted out that she was the infamous Pirate Queen; giving out a few last minute orders as she pointed to where a few service staff and fellow passengers had hidden. They were hastily rounded up. Cell phones had not been a concern, being out of signal range, but unnoticed by any of the pirates, a few passengers had used them to take photos and videos of Gina’s shooting spree.

       “Incoming choppers!” the perimeter guards suddenly warned over their little two-way radios. The departure quickly stepped up pace. The kidnapped couples, along with a few attractive female service staff members, were packed into the go-fasts which would all be going in different directions. As the leader, the Pirate Queen left last.………………The next morning, the Pirate Queen’s photograph would be on the front page of every newspaper coast to coast. The video of her standing on the table shouting out her name, firing off the rounds, killing the security guard and giving orders, would make every national TV newscast. Her infamy would soon be at its peak.

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