Trio of Story Samples – Willful Women

“Willful Women” is a collection of a dozen fictional stories. While they vary in genre, each has at least one strong, willful woman. Some kick butt, others use guns, one prefers a taser, another likes a whip or a knife. Some are naughty, some nice, some bi-curious. This blog highlights three of the tales.

About Sam – a fast-paced page turner, tells of a housewife and mother confronted with various family issues while she’s busy working as a secret agent for the Department of Homeland Security, saving the free world from al-Qaeda’s misdeeds.

Leah Dallaire – “About SAM delves into the adventure/romance genre. Intrigue and plot twists make this story about a seemingly ordinary housewife working as a government agent a fast-paced page turner.”


Excerpts: After finishing her schooling, she had enlisted in the military and unknown to her family had worked her way into a Special Forces unit where she worked with surface-to-air missiles (S.A.M.) and had gotten computer and combat training. She could kick butt with the best of them, and still kept in touch with many of the guys. One of them, a fellow named Dex, had tagged her with the nickname SAM……………It was now only ten minutes until the space shuttle was scheduled to launch, and the Homeland Security office was still trying to alert NASA to the possible threat……….Their hearts beating wildly, they each looked up into the night sky to watch the two fire trails begin to converge. The next moments were heart stopping, but the Stinger hadn’t gotten its lock-on and eventually fell into the ocean……….“Two F-22 fighter jets have been scrambled, Sam. I know I don’t have to tell you their orders. You’ve got about seven minutes.”……………….About the time that their parachutes finally opened, there was a stereophonic screaming sound as two missiles sped overhead, and then an enormous ball of fire and a loud explosion. As their chutes drifted closer to the ground, Ginnie was now conscious enough to shout over to Sam “How do you think they knew we were off the plane?”

To which Sam wryly responded, “They didn’t!”

…………………..“I don’t know, Sam. I haven’t really thought of myself as a family man since my divorce. You know I really care about you, but I’m not sure I’m ready for another serious commitment.”

“I can take you, Dex. You know that, don’t you?”

“Take me? Take me where?”

“Don’t make me embarrass you here in public, fool.”

“Good luck with that, little girl. I’ve got six inches and sixty pounds on you.”

“Never mind the sixty pounds, let’s talk about the six inches, but I bet it’s even more,” she winked.

“Yeah, okay, that’s cute.”

“If I can take you right here right now, we do things my way,” Sam challenged confidently.

“I’ll take that dare any day of the week,” he responded as he stuck out his chest and tried to look manly.

Before he could take his next breath, Dex found himself on his back looking up into his lady’s blue-green eyes. She had him pinned down with one of his arms bent behind his back. As she stared down into his baby blues, she gave his arm an affectionate twist. With his free arm, he pulled her close and kissed her…………………..“The President’s top science advisor was here for a briefing earlier today, along with a senior staffer from the EMP Commission. Our intelligence says Iran has something called Project 111. It’s thought to be their attack preparation plan for the destruction of Western civilization……….Smitty looked over at Sam and Dex as two torpedoes could now be seen streaking past the trawler just off its stern.




The Sinclair Affair – tells of a young orphan woman who survives an assassination attempt to discover she may have a twin. She takes her newly-acquired Glock and silencer to the big city as she attempts to find her, having many adventures along the way.

Excerpts: The malicious character began rifling through her clothes as if he were looking for something in particular…….a shot fired; his body went limp on top of hers………her imagination raced over the possibility of having a twin……..her new gun; it was an Airsoft Glock 18c, ‘Assassin’ model!………Just as her finger found its way to the hidden trigger, and number six was seconds away from certain death, Annie surprised everyone by flipping her kidnapper onto the rails. While Alyssa’s secret was the Glock, Annie’s had been that she was a martial arts expert……… “Rose is working undercover for the government. We don’t know many of the details, just that she has gotten herself between a rock and a hard place”………..Knowing he was on the verge of a potentially big story, Bill made them agree to give him exclusive access to the unfolding tale in exchange for his assistance.

Polar Opposites – introduces us to two young, strong-willed women, polar opposites where good and bad are concerned. They meet while each is masquerading as someone else. Should they be the best of friends or the worst of enemies? Conflicts and emotions abound as the story unfolds, taking them into the political arena, with interesting plot twists along the way.

Excerpts: Mom and Dad were considered near superheroes by their agency, and wanted their two kids to be at least as good. Both had received martial arts training throughout their childhood…………. She got relocated to Florida and went undercover as a young woman with a police record. Her instructions were to infiltrate an up-and-coming group that was being monitored for its arms and drugs dealings…………….“I know you’re tough. I saw you use those martial arts skills of yours; that’s why I drugged your drink earlier. It’s a version of that date-rape drug you’ve probably heard about. I’ve become a pro at dosing things just right. You can move around, but you can’t fight me. We have a love-hate relationship, don’t we?” asked Jenny……………As the twosome sat together on the poolside loveseat, Jenny said, “I truly don’t want to kill you, Trish. We could still be best friends. I just want you to appreciate how things are. If you can come up with a way to prove your loyalty to me, I could let you live. Kill someone for me, sweetie,”…………………“Let’s have some fun, love,” said Jenny as she helped Tricia to stand up and moved her over to the pool’s edge in front of the new guests. “There’s one round chambered and an empty clip. Kill the bartender for the video camera, and I’ll let you live. If you don’t, I’ll shoot him myself, but in such a way that he falls into the girl and knocks her into the pool. We’ll all watch her drown, and it will be all your fault………………… Tricia kicked the weapon from her hand, and then spun around and kicked her on the side of her head. Jenny rebounded to her feet and returned the kick. As they fought, Tricia drew on all her years of martial arts training; Jenny drew on all her years of experience fighting her way up in the mean streets of Miami gang life. They were evenly matched………………..she relaxed in a hot bubble bath, listening to soft music, sipping some red wine, and surrounded by burning candles. Suddenly she sensed she wasn’t alone and looked up to see Jenny standing over her, brandishing her pistol with its attached silencer.

“I’m baaaacckkk,” Jenny gloated.

“This can’t be good,” she said fearfully. “What are you doing here, Jenny? How did you get in?”

“Tsk tsk tsk; I got in because I’m good at what I do. You’ve been a naughty girl, haven’t you? It wasn’t nice arresting me like that. I hope you’ve learned your lesson.” She sat on the side of the soap-bubble-filled tub as she threateningly slid the edge of the silencer along Kristin’s face.

“What do you want, Jenny?” she asked uneasily.

“Suck on this,” she ordered, as she grabbed her by the hair and forced the weapon into Kristin’s mouth. The two of them remained motionless as the seconds ticked by slowly and as they peered into one another’s eyes……..

………Suddenly there was a humongous explosion! Everyone watching was in a state of shocked silence. The video camera caught it all as the large plane broke into two pieces, four miles up.

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Randall S. Smith tells many pulpy and fun stories that will give readers a great deal of fun. “Willful Women” is a fine collection, not to be missed.

The Midwest Book Review


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