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 About SAM, a fast-paced page turner, tells of a housewife confronted with various family issues while she’s busy working as a secret agent for the Department of Homeland Security, saving the free world from al-Qaeda’s misdeeds.


Awkward Accommodations – a middle-aged mom with an inactive sex-life becomes obligated to seduce a younger mercenary-assassin couple. Before the night is over, things become even more awkward for her. There is also a hit contract put out for an entire family.


Back to World War II is a historical-fiction. It’s based on my late father’s war memoirs of his experiences in New Guinea and other areas, with a dose of my imaginative fiction added for fun.


In Blake Industries we find a willful woman who has made her fortune by divorcing husbands, while another is a ‘person of interest’ in several suspicious suicides. A corporate jet gets into trouble, another Ponzi scheme is discovered, and a romance flourishes.


Chloe’s Choice – a short story of a Vietnam era romance as told from the woman’s perspective.


Colorado Cabin – In this sexually-oriented sequel to Renée’s Revenge, a high school senior is abducted by a former mental patient with a history of sexual deviancy. A team of three mercenaries is on their way to rescue her, two women and a man, with some deviant ideas of their own.


The Diva Den – A coming-of-age, innocence-lost tale of an Amish girl on Rumspringa – mobsters, molls, murders, mayhem, money, and forbidden romance.


Exploited Relationships – Sexy, blonde Amanda is a manipulative bisexual with an attitude and a young woman of great wealth. She delights in finding new ways to demean, embarrass and humiliate those around her, exploiting them for her own perverse, deviant, sophomoric pleasures.


Fatal Ascension A senior female special agent ascends to CIA Director, maneuvers her way into the VP slot of a Presidential candidacy and wins. Volume 8 in a series.


GuardiansA group of young American astronauts working on a top-secret project from Area 51 make first contact in this exciting and fun read.


Just Rewards – bank robbery in the sixties. A young woman teller is kidnapped.


Lethal Ladies – A sexual tale of a group of assassin-mercenaries, their missions, romances and sex lives. Some segments bisexual or of a lesbian nature. Volume 7 in the assassins series.


Lethal Liaisons – Two look-alike sisters grow up in the country’s heartland. Starting out with careers in law and modeling, they evolve into assassins.


Lost in Space-Time – Young astronauts discover how to fold space and travel great distances in a very short period of time. They encounter aliens and later come upon a young, kidnapped Earth woman.


Micky Mallet, P.I. is a mystery which has us meeting both an ex-cop private investigator, and a female black ops agent with a license to kill. There are several suspicious deaths when an egocentric billionaire desires the wife of a powerful politician.


Pirate Queen of the Caribbean – a wicked, willful woman who evolves from an innocent spa-girl into an evil, bi-sexual Pirate Queen. Domination and sadomasochism.


Polar Opposites – Two young, strong-willed women, polar opposites where good and bad are concerned, meet in a biker gang when each is masquerading as someone else. Should they be the best of friends or the worst of enemies? Interesting plot twists along the way.


Renée’s Revenge – Volume one in an adult series of tales of a group of assassin-mercenaries, their missions, romances and sex lives. Some segments bisexual or of a lesbian nature.


Rising Up follows the life of a young woman in a remote European village as she rises up through the political ranks, conquering her man along the way.


The Six-Gun Saloon Girls take no grief from those rowdy characters in this spoof of the Old West. Sarah wears two six-guns and knows how to use them.


Tasting Testing – Volume four of the assassin series; assassin-mercenaries, their missions, romances and sex lives. Some segments bisexual or of a lesbian nature. The reader gets introduced to a new sex-party theme. Adult erotica.


Thailand Terror – The fifth volume of the assassin series, this story follows the girls to Asia, where their adventures continue, with a surprise ending. Some segments are of a bisexual or lesbian nature.


That Old House on Delaney Street is home to Mama, who uses an ax and a buzz saw to ensure her will be done. She and Papa keep a pair of teens prisoner for special games in their dreary basement. BDSM.


The Sinclair Affair tells of a young orphan woman who survives an assassination attempt to discover she may have a twin. She takes her newly-acquired Glock and silencer to the big city as she attempts to find her, having many adventures along the way.


Trouble in Toyland is a short adult fantasy tale of a wicked Queen and the young woman who defeats her (sexual content).


These stories are available individually on the Kindle, and most are in one of the collections “Willful Women”, “Willful Women II”, or the novel “Assassin Affairs – Encore Edition”.


Assassin Affairs – Encore edition – The Willful Women Assassins Series is consolidated into this novel, with a conclusion that is available only here. A young, New York City hit-woman uses her seductive, manipulative, femme fatale nature to hook-up with an assortment of women who are not always what they seem, developing them into a team demure and innocent-looking, but in reality, feisty and lethal.



Follow @willfulwomen on Twitter. copyright 2010-2013. Willful Women. All rights reserved.


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