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 Back in 2008, I had a dream. I was walking along a fall-colored New England hillside celebrating the publication of my second novel. At the time, I had no literary experience other than that which is forced down one’s throat in junior high and high school. When I awoke, I decided to listen to my subconscious mind and took up creative writing.About Sam got published in 2009, but was no larger than a comic book. I added to it, creating The Reckoning Room, then added more and came up with Willful Women and Willful Women II. Similar to making a music album, some of the singles proved disappointing, but others were actually pretty good. Still, creating story collections is not the same as being a novelist, so I wrote Assassin Affairs. It is now also available on both Amazon and Kindle. Now when my epitaph is written, the word ‘novelist’ can finally be used.  (Links may need to be right-clicked if using Firefox.)Here is a brief summary of the tale:

When Renée’s lover is tortured to death, she seeks revenge. Along her journey, she uses her femme fatale nature to not merely lure in men, but women as well. She hooks-up with an assortment of great characters, women who are not always what they seem, developing the group into a team of female assassin-mercenaries. They may be demure and innocent-looking, but in reality, feisty and lethal.

 Several twenty-year-old family mysteries/secrets get revealed and resolved as the reader follows the group on their missions and through their unusual personal relationships over a multi-year period, with an engaging combination of political and sexual intrigue. Intended for the adult reader, some parts are of a bisexual or lesbian nature, with elements of domination and submission.

I was dissatisfied with an early version of the book, so added forty pages, polished passages, came up with a new ending and improved the title. While writing, I happened upon a rerun of “More American Graffiti” with a scene in Vietnam of a chopper flying along a river. It brought back memories of how my life almost took that route until God blessed me with a good draft lottery number in 1969 when I already had my ‘1A’ status and my schoolmates were coming home in body bags. Since one of my chapters took place in Southeast Asia, I wrote in an escape scene with an old Huey. Here is a youtube clip that kicked my story writing passion up a notch. I listened to it as I wrote the segment:

As I put the finishing touches on my story, I learned that a novelist named E. L. James had started her writing endeavors with a similar book. Hers had submission and dominance and even another helicopter segment. What encouraged me was that her creation turned into a trilogy selling over 65,000,000 copies and at a rate faster than J.K. Rowling’s books. I don’t pretend to have their talents, nor do I expect to sell very many books, but when I initially offered my chapters in serialized form as The Willful Women Assassins Series for free on Kindle, I noticed that readers suddenly were paying to read some of the other chapters.

Early on I discovered that paperback books are a tough sell, so I ventured into the digital world, publishing on Kindle. My initial goal when I started putting together Willful Women was to get a hundred readers. Now, thanks mostly to Amazon’s free-read promotions, my short story titles have enjoyed roughly 13,000 downloads, way more than I ever hoped for. Thank you Jeff Bezos and Kindle!

AA Cover
Below is a summary, along with a brief preview of each chapter.

 Renée’s Revenge – A young woman seeks revenge and finds romance along the way.

“….the way you use your tongue reminds me there’s something sexual that I really like and my husband doesn’t like to do it for me.” She motioned with the pistol for Renée to return to her knees.
Colorado Cabin – A high school senior is abducted by a man with a history of sexual deviancy. A team of three mercenaries is on their way to rescue her, two women and a man, with some deviant ideas of their own.
“…I was linked to New York City’s most notorious criminal, Charles Cicero, the man who makes made-men. Find a photo of him and odds are you’ll spot me in the background. I knew organized crime family leaders in all five boroughs. I still do. I was Mr. Cicero’s enforcer, his hit-woman.”
     “Hey, we’ll need a token gesture, too,” Danny wryly added. “Give us your panties.”
     “I’m wearing pantyhose, sir.”
     “That will do.”
     “Oh, good grief!” Joanna wriggled about awkwardly in the front seat as she removed them. She found him to be exceedingly handsome and blushed as she reached into the back seat and handed him her underwear. When their fingers touched, each sensed a special chemistry. They exchanged a look of intensity, both envisioning their next encounter, then she got out of the SUV and walked away.
Awkward Accommodations – A middle-aged mom with an inactive sex-life has become obligated to seduce a younger mercenary-assassin couple. Before the night is over, things become even more awkward for her. There is also a hit contract put out for an entire family.
     “I bought a box of condoms the other day,” she said. “May I go get them?”
     “Oh no, honey. Danny doesn’t like to use those things, and we don’t see you as a disease risk to us, so you’ll just have to take your chances tonight. That isn’t going to be a problem, is it?”
Jessie could see that both were standing together on the bench by the railing, twenty stories up. When Ashley glanced back nervously, Jessie gave her the nod and they watched as Johnny went over the edge screaming.
Tasting Testing – The reader gets introduced to a new sex-party theme. A hit contract gets executed.
“…We’re going to try a new sex-game tonight, Sherry. We’ll call it the tasting game. Think of it as a wine tasting party, only different. Now get back on your knees, blondie.”
     She attached her silencer, buried her weapon in a pile of clothes, and appeared to be a college student carrying a load of dirty laundry home to her mom.
     “Good morning, ma’am,” she said, displaying her youthful smile.
     “Yeah, yeah,” came the grumbled reply.
     A moment after they passed, Jessie dropped the clothes, turned and double-tapped two rounds into the back of Wanda’s skull.
Thailand Terror – The girls go to Asia, where their adventures continue, with a surprise ending.
The Princess appeared unprotected and vulnerable to an ambush, but it was a trap. All five attackers were captured and disarmed without a shot being fired, then quickly forced to their knees, with their hands bound behind their backs.
Lethal Liaisons – Two look-alike sisters grow up in the country’s heartland. Starting out with normal careers, they evolve into assassins destined to meet Renée.
     “…This thermal imaging scope really lights up these guys!” She squeezed the trigger and fired off a shot; one of the shadowy figures fell over. Then in rapid succession she fired off six more rounds. Three more men and two dogs went down. “I can see someone in that upstairs window, sis!”
     “Take the shot!”
Lethal Ladies – The Colorado cabin is revisited, another victim is rescued, and a second tasting testing is instigated.
…She was cute, with short blonde hair, wearing just a blue denim shirt, held together by only one button, but it covered all the critical areas. She was bound by handcuffs to what appeared to be a downtown parking meter. It was difficult to tell, as the image was too dark due to the predawn lighting and illuminated by only an overhead street lamp.
“…You’ve all been so good to me, I want to do one of those tasting testings. Would that be okay with everyone?”
“…if you stop before I have an orgasm, I’ll snap your neck.” She clenched a fistful of her blonde hair in each hand and pulled her closer.
Not sure if she was serious, Kristie was suddenly more motivated.
Later, the two youngest members have been getting better acquainted.
     “….Are you serious about wanting to be my slave again or just teasing me?”
     “I’m wearing your anklet, aren’t I?”
     “Would you be okay with a slave collar, too, or I am pushing my luck?”
     “I’ll wear a collar for you if we’re roommates. Would that be a turn-on?”
     “A major turn-on.”
Fatal Ascension – A corrupt senior female special-agent ascends to CIA Director, then maneuvers her way into the VP slot.
     “I can’t believe we’re doing this, Julie. It’s all so surreal!” Kacey whispered.
     “What do you mean?”
     “We’re hacking CIA computers in the middle of the night. This is a dream come true for me,” she said as she hit the button and the printer across the darkened room began to quietly churn out the secret software codes. She went over and slipped the sheets of paper into the trash can, then buried them below the other garbage and returned to the terminal next to Julie.
     Suddenly, the lights all came on and security personnel rushed in, surrounding them.
     “What’s going on here?!” asked the burly guard. “Who are you? How did you get into a secure area?”
     Julie had been chewing on a piece of gum and blew a bubble. “We’re here helping that lady down the hall move in. My girlfriend and I wanted a little privacy on our break and the door was open.” She leaned to her side and gave Kacey a kiss. Kacey responded with an intimate caress. Each sported a tattoo and appeared to be white trash.
     “You two will have to come with us!” he shouted, brusquely grabbing each by the arm.
     As the two girls were dragged away, a young man in a maintenance uniform entered and wheeled his trash cart over to the waste baskets, emptying them into his large container.
Kacey handed them the popcorn, got down on her hands and knees, and positioned herself to be their footstool. Both placed their feet on her back.
     “…This IOU says that you agree to be our sex slave for a night.”
     “Why would I sign something like that? What would I get out of it?”
     “You’d sign it because you enjoyed tonight. It would essentially be the same, but you would be our slave. You would have to do whatever any of us tells you to do, you couldn’t say no, it would last all night long, and you would get absolutely nothing in return.”
     …..She read over the agreement.
     They couldn’t believe she was considering it.
It was impossible to not see the bottoms of two high-heeled shoes protruding from beneath the front bottom of the desk.
“…I want you to have intercourse with Tim tonight, not for him, not for you, but for me. Insist that he not use a condom.”
“…we’ll repel down to her penthouse from the roof, plant some C-4 on her wall-safe, and blow the smithereens out of her exterior wall.” Renée paused for a moment, wondering about Kristie’s skills. “Can she really do the hit from a mile away?”
Conclusion – The exciting, climactic, action-packed ending is available only in the book, not in the eigth volume.
     Sam’s eyes drifted over to her beach bag.
     “Forget about it,” said Renée with her New Yorker accent. “That would be so not a good idea.” She glanced down at her own beach bag, implying they were both armed, and they were.
     Everyone felt the chilly nighttime breeze on their faces as the choppers rapidly descended from a high altitude. They were running on silent mode, so the ‘whop, whop, whop’ sounds were barely audible. All were heavily armed and wearing Kevlar vests and night vision gear as they scurried off the two crafts in rapid order. Kristie and Randolph positioned themselves in the shadows, hidden from the outside security lights, using their sniper rifles to pick off half of the perimeter guards and their attack dogs. Janine gave them cover fire. Danny and Dex wrestled with a few more, snapping their necks. Several of the others severed the power and communication lines. The back-up generators promptly kicked in.
***I hope these snippets have aroused your interest. The girls await you. 😉


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