The Diva Den

On Kindle: The Diva Den – A long-short coming-of-age, innocence-lost tale of a young Amish girl on Rumspringa, out to discover the realities of the outside world. She experiences many of its vices, then crosses paths with the willful women assassins team.

Mobsters, molls, murders, mayhem, and forbidden romance, this story has ’em all….and of course, strippers and drugs. Did you know that a watermelon martini is considered an aphrodisiac?



“Is it wrong to be in love with another woman?” Princess asked.

“No, kid, love is like a gift from heaven. Take it where you can find it in this life,”

– – –

It was a kiss unlike any I had ever witnessed before. I could feel the electricity all the way over on my side of the bed.

A few moments later, in the heat of passion, the street-hardened prostitute, strip-bar manager and part-time drug dealer could no longer hold back her much-guarded feelings. With a panting moan, the sought after words escaped her lips, “I love you, too.”

For me, that experience was second only to our first night together. I got off on it, too, watching the two of them share such intense feelings. After that night, things changed.

– – –

Suddenly, and seemingly from out of nowhere, we looked up to see Raven standing in the middle of our apartment, uninvited. A black man with dreadlocks locked the door and came up behind her.

We’re here for Vito Vincenzi’s drug money,” said Raven.

With Princess’s comments fresh in her mind, Maggie dove for the pistol. She had spent years hooking on the streets and had become used to violence. Maggie knew we had big trouble and fired off a round.

– – –

“Mr. Vincenzi, I have your niece,” I said. “It will cost you one million dollars to get her back.”

“Who is this?”

“It doesn’t matter. Who I am is irrelevant, just get me my million dollars.”

– – –

“To answer your earlier question, I haven’t killed a lot of people, but I have taken out a few that were pretty high profile.”

“I think it’s best if we don’t hear any more details, Kristie,” I said.

“Normally I don’t talk this much, but I know where you guys live.” She was once again wearing her sunglasses, she lowered them an inch and stared at us with those cold eyes, adding, “If you talk, I’ll just come kill you. Are you both cool with that?”

– – –

I love this scope. I can see the steam rising from his coffee.”

– – –

…Word is you both took part in those two killings. Is that right?”

We nodded, not sure how much to say.

“Good, that makes you people of interest in my world…

– – –

…After the ceremony, we’re having a separate celebration that’s clothing-optional and sex-optional. It’s all very casual.….It’s an experimental party theme that the newlyweds wanted to try…

“…. Kristie was supposed to have you sign confidentiality agreements.…. Let’s go have you sign those forms right now.”

“Okay.” We grabbed a few cocktails and some prime rib snacks. The table was full of aphrodisiacs – oysters, salmon, almonds, chocolates. We followed her inside where a band was playing.

“Who are your friends, Jessica?” asked a woman about fifteen years older.

“Princess and Queen, I’d like you to meet Renée.”

Oh shit, the infamous Renée! My glass slips out of my hand and shatters on the hardwood floor. Princess saves the day and comes off as some debutant, calmly extending her hand and expressing the pleasure of making the acquaintance. I’m impressed, I’ve never seen this side of her.


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