Beacon Boarding & Bordello

Beacon Boarding & Bordello

On their way to the big city seeking adventure, three young women stop to pick up a couple of cute guys. When they drop them off at a mysterious old house, they make the mistake of accompanying the intriguing young men inside. After darkness settles in, a demented old couple called Mama and Papa return home and work with their son and his friend to seize them. They are all sexual predators.

Petite, young Kara, the gentlest and most vulnerable of the three, experiences the brunt of everyone’s aggression. She realizes early on that the heavyset Mama is more than deranged; she is a violent psychopath and a serial killer. Kara makes sacrifices to deal with it in an endeavor to win her over and ensure their survival.

This is the girls’ story and was originally published as That Old House on Delaney Street in 2010. Due to significant revisions, and a doubling in length, it has been renamed. The tale is somewhat deviant and sordid, but non-explicit. The first few pages are the same, then things take a different tack.


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