Serial Predators -Kara

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Four years in the making, this horror story began in 2010 as That Old House on Delaney Street, later being significantly altered and expanded into Beacon, Boarding & Bordello, and now enlarged again as Serial Predators. It is intended for the adult reader.

To celebrate their high school graduation, Kara and her two best friends leave their conservative church community, venturing off to the city for some fun and excitement. Vulnerable and naïve, they are easy targets and soon abducted by a group of sexual predators. To make matters worse, one of the captors, the heavyset Mama character, is also a bisexual, psychopathic serial killer. The three innocent girls have passed through the gates of Hell, entering a lengthy period of sex slavery. Shortly before their rescue, they are joined in their captivity by newlyweds. Kara and the bride bond, vowing to reunite one day if they should ever escape and be separated.

Help finally arrives; the young women are saved. Suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome, Kara’s issues aren’t resolved by psychiatric therapy, and she departs on a cross-country journey, seeking her own form of resolution. Perhaps it is the Stockholm Syndrome causing her to become like those who had imprisoned her, as she begins an odyssey of more sexual misbehavior and killings.

Although some lives are spared, the body count climbs. Segments get intense as some kill for her in order to survive. There are sexual entanglements. Nearly a year has passed when Kara recalls the planned rendezvous with her now-lost bride friend Harper. Others have done such atop the Empire State Building, the girls’ fantasy reunion was planned for the Seattle Space Needle. In a moment of remorse, Kara releases her latest victims and continues her trek further west.

The pair reunite, becoming something of a Thelma and Louise as they continue the adventure together. Innocent and not as damaged as Kara, Harper is like a counter-balance. Attempting to even out the bad karma with good, they rescue a young woman they have seen abducted. Expecting to find a rape victim, they end up involved with a New York City mob ransom. The appreciative Godfather has them flown to Manhattan in his Learjet where both separately encounter new intensities.

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