Assassin Affairs – Encore Edition

A while back, I began writing short stories for the Kindle. My 17th, Renée’s Revenge, evolved into a series of nine tales, later consolidated into Assassin Affairs – Encore Edition, a 458 page novel. This blog will be a lengthy synopsis, so if you do plan to read the book, it could be a spoiler. On the other hand, it could entice potential readers to do so.




There was a movie with a petite, harmless-looking redhead. Suddenly she pulls out a pistol with a silencer, blows away some guy and nonchalantly departs. It was inspiring, and my character Renée was born.

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Renée’s tale opens with a security camera capturing her image as she makes her way down a dimly-lit hallway, pistol in hand. Her lover has suffered a horrible death in a torture-murder by an evil cartel. They have messed with the wrong girl. She is a hit-woman for the New York mob and out for revenge. Taking out the perpetrators one-by-one, she eventually crosses paths with Danny, a bored and troubled small town detective. They become involved. He sympathizes with her loss, and she is reluctant to reveal that her deceased lover was female.

One problem with being a hit-woman is you make enemies. A contract is put out on her. Enter Laura, a high-priced west coast contractor. Things get tense when she gets the drop on Danny and Renée. Renée picks up on Laura’s dormant bisexual nature and turns her. Now the threesome goes after the two women out to get her. One is her nemesis in the NY crime family, both work for Godfather Charles Cicero. In an exciting, page-turning segment, they take them out and celebrate with a menage a trois, followed by Laura returning to her boring home-life in California.

Colorado Cabin is chapter two and opens with a scene inspired by a personal experience. One of the characters has been rescued from a disaster scene and is being flown by helicopter to a trauma center She has suffered a concussion and has amnesia as she awakens on the chopper. What has happened and why everyone wonders.

It turns out the daughter of a famous movie star, this woman’s sister, has been abducted. Unsatisfied with incompetent authorities, the mom decides to hire mercenaries to rescue her. She ends up with Laura who returns to recruit Danny and Renée to join her. The high school senior is rescued and bonds with the trio in a Colorado cabin, ultimately becoming the next member of the assassination team. Who would ever suspect an innocent-looking kid with braces? She does a hit.

Her mom had been warned that dealing with these people would be akin to dancing with the devil. As part of the original negotiations, the desperate woman was maneuvered into agreeing to a sexual bonus if her daughter could be successfully returned. The corrupt daughter orchestrates the event in the third chapter Awkward Accommodations. Laura’s partners Danny and Renée show up at her home to collect. The daughter hides in the closet to watch as Mom learns she is required to seduce them, both of them. Things become more awkward in the middle of the night as the daughter comes out of hiding.

A call comes in from the boss, Godfather Cicero. A hit has been ordered for someone in the area. The three killers venture off to a high-rise condo. They encounter a gathering and everyone is directed to strip. There are sexual misdeeds, with most eventually taking a flier off the balcony, everyone but a young woman named Ashley. She wasn’t on the hit list and had been cooperative. Nude and vulnerable, she remains the lone survivor on the balcony after the others have plunged to their deaths. She gets recruited as the next team member assassin.

As Danny goes his own way, the girls go on to new adventures, subjecting their next victim to a new sex game in Tasting Testing, chapter four. She hires them for yet another hit. Renée then takes a break and ventures abroad in Thailand Terror. Now she gets abducted. The CIA is encountered. Two look-alike sisters join up in the subsequent segment Lethal Liaisons. They are already professional assassins. Stunned to learn they have a younger third sister, the story evolves into the Lethal Ladies chapter where she is rescued from a gang of bad guys who pay the ultimate price. The growing assassin group ends up back in the Colorado cabin where they all spend time bonding.

The story takes various twists and turns as they can’t shake their unwanted tie to the CIA. They end up in Washington DC, involved with the political arena and its nasty treacheries. It’s a Fatal Ascension as the evil CIA woman rises in power, manipulating the team into doing her misdeeds. The original version of the novel reached its conclusion with this chapter. However in my next endeavor The Diva Den, they wormed they way back into the story, so I subsequently added it as an encore.

It opens with this line, “My ol’ lady is a hooker. I’m okay with it. I’m a junkie. My friends know me as Dude, and this is my journal.” The story starts out showing life as seen through Dude’s eyes. He and his gf end up running a strip club. Even though I was creating the tale, I didn’t foresee Dude’s fate until it was upon me. He is murdered and my eyes swell up as I’m writing him writing his dying thoughts. Girlfriend Maggie takes up where he leaves off. The journal turns into a diary in her crude lingo. It was a mob hit and she seeks vengeance.

Maggie and her Amish girlfriend meet up with Crime bosses in their quest for justice against the major offenses, Dude’s murder and her girlfriend’s rape. They get hooked up with one of the young women from the Assassin Team. Along the journey of retribution, another bond is formed and she takes the girls to meet her special family, the entire gang, including the famous movie star who they idolize and the infamous Renée. Several decades have elapsed.

Be forewarned, there is sexual content, including segments with bisexual females and lesbians, and the novel is appropriate only for adults.


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