Willful Women II


Renée’s Revenge – A young woman seeks vengeance for the torture and murder of her lover. Along the way, she finds romance. Page 5

About SAM – A seemingly ordinary housewife is also a secret agent for Homeland Security. Page 50

Lethal Liaisons – Look-alike sisters become assassins.

P. 102

The Sinclair Affair – Is there a long-lost twin? There is a missing diamond. Page 159

Back to World War II – Based on my late father’s war memoirs, with a dose of science-fiction added. Page 190

Polar Opposites – Two women, each masquerading as someone else, meet in a biker gang. Should they be best of friends or worst of enemies? Page 230

Chloe’s Choice – A Vietnam era romance told from the woman’s perspective. Page 285

That Old House on Delaney Street – A demented old couple keep a pair of teens prisoner in their basement for special games. Page 300

Guardians – Area 51 scientists successfully reverse-engineer a space-folding device, allowing Earth starcraft to instantly go from a subterranean hanger into nearby space. This gets the attention of the extraterrestrials. Page 331

Pirate Queen of the Caribbean – A young spa-girl is kidnapped by drug-runners. She evolves into the notorious, bi-sexual Pirate Queen. Page 362


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