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 Back in 2008, I had a dream. I was walking along a fall-colored New England hillside celebrating the publication of my second novel. At the time, I had no literary experience other than that which is forced down one’s throat in junior high and high school. When I awoke, I decided to listen to my subconscious mind and took up creative writing.About Sam got published in 2009, but was no larger than a comic book. I added to it, creating The Reckoning Room, then added more and came up with Willful Women and Willful Women II. Similar to making a music album, some of the singles proved disappointing, but others were actually pretty good. Still, creating story collections is not the same as being a novelist, so I wrote Assassin Affairs. It is now also available on both Amazon and Kindle. Now when my epitaph is written, the word ‘novelist’ can finally be used.  (Links may need to be right-clicked if using Firefox.)Here is a brief summary of the tale:

When Renée’s lover is tortured to death, she seeks revenge. Along her journey, she uses her femme fatale nature to not merely lure in men, but women as well. She hooks-up with an assortment of great characters, women who are not always what they seem, developing the group into a team of female assassin-mercenaries. They may be demure and innocent-looking, but in reality, feisty and lethal.

 Several twenty-year-old family mysteries/secrets get revealed and resolved as the reader follows the group on their missions and through their unusual personal relationships over a multi-year period, with an engaging combination of political and sexual intrigue. Intended for the adult reader, some parts are of a bisexual or lesbian nature, with elements of domination and submission.

I was dissatisfied with an early version of the book, so added forty pages, polished passages, came up with a new ending and improved the title. While writing, I happened upon a rerun of “More American Graffiti” with a scene in Vietnam of a chopper flying along a river. It brought back memories of how my life almost took that route until God blessed me with a good draft lottery number in 1969 when I already had my ‘1A’ status and my schoolmates were coming home in body bags. Since one of my chapters took place in Southeast Asia, I wrote in an escape scene with an old Huey. Here is a youtube clip that kicked my story writing passion up a notch. I listened to it as I wrote the segment:

As I put the finishing touches on my story, I learned that a novelist named E. L. James had started her writing endeavors with a similar book. Hers had submission and dominance and even another helicopter segment. What encouraged me was that her creation turned into a trilogy selling over 65,000,000 copies and at a rate faster than J.K. Rowling’s books. I don’t pretend to have their talents, nor do I expect to sell very many books, but when I initially offered my chapters in serialized form as The Willful Women Assassins Series for free on Kindle, I noticed that readers suddenly were paying to read some of the other chapters.

Early on I discovered that paperback books are a tough sell, so I ventured into the digital world, publishing on Kindle. My initial goal when I started putting together Willful Women was to get a hundred readers. Now, thanks mostly to Amazon’s free-read promotions, my short story titles have enjoyed roughly 13,000 downloads, way more than I ever hoped for. Thank you Jeff Bezos and Kindle!

AA Cover
Below is a summary, along with a brief preview of each chapter.

 Renée’s Revenge – A young woman seeks revenge and finds romance along the way.

“….the way you use your tongue reminds me there’s something sexual that I really like and my husband doesn’t like to do it for me.” She motioned with the pistol for Renée to return to her knees.
Colorado Cabin – A high school senior is abducted by a man with a history of sexual deviancy. A team of three mercenaries is on their way to rescue her, two women and a man, with some deviant ideas of their own.
“…I was linked to New York City’s most notorious criminal, Charles Cicero, the man who makes made-men. Find a photo of him and odds are you’ll spot me in the background. I knew organized crime family leaders in all five boroughs. I still do. I was Mr. Cicero’s enforcer, his hit-woman.”
     “Hey, we’ll need a token gesture, too,” Danny wryly added. “Give us your panties.”
     “I’m wearing pantyhose, sir.”
     “That will do.”
     “Oh, good grief!” Joanna wriggled about awkwardly in the front seat as she removed them. She found him to be exceedingly handsome and blushed as she reached into the back seat and handed him her underwear. When their fingers touched, each sensed a special chemistry. They exchanged a look of intensity, both envisioning their next encounter, then she got out of the SUV and walked away.
Awkward Accommodations – A middle-aged mom with an inactive sex-life has become obligated to seduce a younger mercenary-assassin couple. Before the night is over, things become even more awkward for her. There is also a hit contract put out for an entire family.
     “I bought a box of condoms the other day,” she said. “May I go get them?”
     “Oh no, honey. Danny doesn’t like to use those things, and we don’t see you as a disease risk to us, so you’ll just have to take your chances tonight. That isn’t going to be a problem, is it?”
Jessie could see that both were standing together on the bench by the railing, twenty stories up. When Ashley glanced back nervously, Jessie gave her the nod and they watched as Johnny went over the edge screaming.
Tasting Testing – The reader gets introduced to a new sex-party theme. A hit contract gets executed.
“…We’re going to try a new sex-game tonight, Sherry. We’ll call it the tasting game. Think of it as a wine tasting party, only different. Now get back on your knees, blondie.”
     She attached her silencer, buried her weapon in a pile of clothes, and appeared to be a college student carrying a load of dirty laundry home to her mom.
     “Good morning, ma’am,” she said, displaying her youthful smile.
     “Yeah, yeah,” came the grumbled reply.
     A moment after they passed, Jessie dropped the clothes, turned and double-tapped two rounds into the back of Wanda’s skull.
Thailand Terror – The girls go to Asia, where their adventures continue, with a surprise ending.
The Princess appeared unprotected and vulnerable to an ambush, but it was a trap. All five attackers were captured and disarmed without a shot being fired, then quickly forced to their knees, with their hands bound behind their backs.
Lethal Liaisons – Two look-alike sisters grow up in the country’s heartland. Starting out with normal careers, they evolve into assassins destined to meet Renée.
     “…This thermal imaging scope really lights up these guys!” She squeezed the trigger and fired off a shot; one of the shadowy figures fell over. Then in rapid succession she fired off six more rounds. Three more men and two dogs went down. “I can see someone in that upstairs window, sis!”
     “Take the shot!”
Lethal Ladies – The Colorado cabin is revisited, another victim is rescued, and a second tasting testing is instigated.
…She was cute, with short blonde hair, wearing just a blue denim shirt, held together by only one button, but it covered all the critical areas. She was bound by handcuffs to what appeared to be a downtown parking meter. It was difficult to tell, as the image was too dark due to the predawn lighting and illuminated by only an overhead street lamp.
“…You’ve all been so good to me, I want to do one of those tasting testings. Would that be okay with everyone?”
“…if you stop before I have an orgasm, I’ll snap your neck.” She clenched a fistful of her blonde hair in each hand and pulled her closer.
Not sure if she was serious, Kristie was suddenly more motivated.
Later, the two youngest members have been getting better acquainted.
     “….Are you serious about wanting to be my slave again or just teasing me?”
     “I’m wearing your anklet, aren’t I?”
     “Would you be okay with a slave collar, too, or I am pushing my luck?”
     “I’ll wear a collar for you if we’re roommates. Would that be a turn-on?”
     “A major turn-on.”
Fatal Ascension – A corrupt senior female special-agent ascends to CIA Director, then maneuvers her way into the VP slot.
     “I can’t believe we’re doing this, Julie. It’s all so surreal!” Kacey whispered.
     “What do you mean?”
     “We’re hacking CIA computers in the middle of the night. This is a dream come true for me,” she said as she hit the button and the printer across the darkened room began to quietly churn out the secret software codes. She went over and slipped the sheets of paper into the trash can, then buried them below the other garbage and returned to the terminal next to Julie.
     Suddenly, the lights all came on and security personnel rushed in, surrounding them.
     “What’s going on here?!” asked the burly guard. “Who are you? How did you get into a secure area?”
     Julie had been chewing on a piece of gum and blew a bubble. “We’re here helping that lady down the hall move in. My girlfriend and I wanted a little privacy on our break and the door was open.” She leaned to her side and gave Kacey a kiss. Kacey responded with an intimate caress. Each sported a tattoo and appeared to be white trash.
     “You two will have to come with us!” he shouted, brusquely grabbing each by the arm.
     As the two girls were dragged away, a young man in a maintenance uniform entered and wheeled his trash cart over to the waste baskets, emptying them into his large container.
Kacey handed them the popcorn, got down on her hands and knees, and positioned herself to be their footstool. Both placed their feet on her back.
     “…This IOU says that you agree to be our sex slave for a night.”
     “Why would I sign something like that? What would I get out of it?”
     “You’d sign it because you enjoyed tonight. It would essentially be the same, but you would be our slave. You would have to do whatever any of us tells you to do, you couldn’t say no, it would last all night long, and you would get absolutely nothing in return.”
     …..She read over the agreement.
     They couldn’t believe she was considering it.
It was impossible to not see the bottoms of two high-heeled shoes protruding from beneath the front bottom of the desk.
“…I want you to have intercourse with Tim tonight, not for him, not for you, but for me. Insist that he not use a condom.”
“…we’ll repel down to her penthouse from the roof, plant some C-4 on her wall-safe, and blow the smithereens out of her exterior wall.” Renée paused for a moment, wondering about Kristie’s skills. “Can she really do the hit from a mile away?”
Conclusion – The exciting, climactic, action-packed ending is available only in the book, not in the eigth volume.
     Sam’s eyes drifted over to her beach bag.
     “Forget about it,” said Renée with her New Yorker accent. “That would be so not a good idea.” She glanced down at her own beach bag, implying they were both armed, and they were.
     Everyone felt the chilly nighttime breeze on their faces as the choppers rapidly descended from a high altitude. They were running on silent mode, so the ‘whop, whop, whop’ sounds were barely audible. All were heavily armed and wearing Kevlar vests and night vision gear as they scurried off the two crafts in rapid order. Kristie and Randolph positioned themselves in the shadows, hidden from the outside security lights, using their sniper rifles to pick off half of the perimeter guards and their attack dogs. Janine gave them cover fire. Danny and Dex wrestled with a few more, snapping their necks. Several of the others severed the power and communication lines. The back-up generators promptly kicked in.
***I hope these snippets have aroused your interest. The girls await you. 😉


Kindle Stories

Author R. S. Smith discusses his Kindle stories:

I’ve recently published “KILL FOR ME!”, the story of a young woman whose first passion is killing. Delegating the task to innocent others, along with introducing them to new sexual experiences, is the second.

Also new, “Beacon Boarding & Bordello” a horror story of three kidnapped young women. Now on Kindle.

Your reviews would be appreciated.

I write the Willful Women stories for the Kindle, and so far there have been 28 of them. I chose the best ten of the first seventeen and packaged them into the collection “Willful Women II”. The original collection has a four-star rating.

PG is too tame for some readers. “Willful Women” is a collection of short stories focusing on the more fun and adult sort of entertainment, murder, scandal, corruption, and of course, sex. With the theme of the willing and able woman for many adventures, Randall S. Smith tells many pulpy and fun stories that will give readers a great deal of fun. “Willful Women” is a fine collection, not to be missed.
— The Midwest Book Review

Strong women are specific to no era of history. “Willful Women II” is a collection of short stories from Randall S. Smith as he writes of women in many stages of history from the distant past to a possible future, offering women looking at the odds and doing what they can to break through it all and make quite the difference. “Willful Women II” is a strong pick for general fiction collections focusing on short stories.
— The Midwest Book Review

Stories 17 thru 25 are the Willful Women Assassins Series, and have been consolidated into the novel “Assassin Affairs – Encore Edition”.

While these stories may not all be politically correct, they are a fun and adult-type of entertainment. With the theme of willful women, including wartime nurses, a pirate queen, assassins, secret agents, and starcraft pilots, most readers will find themselves either wishing they could be one of these women, or else wanting one of them. Some tales contain elements of domination and submission, and several are appropriate only for those age eighteen and over.

Look for “Assassin Affairs – Encore Edition”, a series of mildly erotic tales following a group of female assassin-mercenaries, their missions, romances and sex lives. Segments are of a bisexual or lesbian nature.

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If you don’t have a Kindle, a free kindle-reader app can be downloaded at There are links there for additional free apps for smartphones and Macs and IPADs.

Stories on Kindle

 About SAM, a fast-paced page turner, tells of a housewife confronted with various family issues while she’s busy working as a secret agent for the Department of Homeland Security, saving the free world from al-Qaeda’s misdeeds.


Awkward Accommodations – a middle-aged mom with an inactive sex-life becomes obligated to seduce a younger mercenary-assassin couple. Before the night is over, things become even more awkward for her. There is also a hit contract put out for an entire family.


Back to World War II is a historical-fiction. It’s based on my late father’s war memoirs of his experiences in New Guinea and other areas, with a dose of my imaginative fiction added for fun.


In Blake Industries we find a willful woman who has made her fortune by divorcing husbands, while another is a ‘person of interest’ in several suspicious suicides. A corporate jet gets into trouble, another Ponzi scheme is discovered, and a romance flourishes.


Chloe’s Choice – a short story of a Vietnam era romance as told from the woman’s perspective.


Colorado Cabin – In this sexually-oriented sequel to Renée’s Revenge, a high school senior is abducted by a former mental patient with a history of sexual deviancy. A team of three mercenaries is on their way to rescue her, two women and a man, with some deviant ideas of their own.


The Diva Den – A coming-of-age, innocence-lost tale of an Amish girl on Rumspringa – mobsters, molls, murders, mayhem, money, and forbidden romance.


Exploited Relationships – Sexy, blonde Amanda is a manipulative bisexual with an attitude and a young woman of great wealth. She delights in finding new ways to demean, embarrass and humiliate those around her, exploiting them for her own perverse, deviant, sophomoric pleasures.


Fatal Ascension A senior female special agent ascends to CIA Director, maneuvers her way into the VP slot of a Presidential candidacy and wins. Volume 8 in a series.


GuardiansA group of young American astronauts working on a top-secret project from Area 51 make first contact in this exciting and fun read.


Just Rewards – bank robbery in the sixties. A young woman teller is kidnapped.


Lethal Ladies – A sexual tale of a group of assassin-mercenaries, their missions, romances and sex lives. Some segments bisexual or of a lesbian nature. Volume 7 in the assassins series.


Lethal Liaisons – Two look-alike sisters grow up in the country’s heartland. Starting out with careers in law and modeling, they evolve into assassins.


Lost in Space-Time – Young astronauts discover how to fold space and travel great distances in a very short period of time. They encounter aliens and later come upon a young, kidnapped Earth woman.


Micky Mallet, P.I. is a mystery which has us meeting both an ex-cop private investigator, and a female black ops agent with a license to kill. There are several suspicious deaths when an egocentric billionaire desires the wife of a powerful politician.


Pirate Queen of the Caribbean – a wicked, willful woman who evolves from an innocent spa-girl into an evil, bi-sexual Pirate Queen. Domination and sadomasochism.


Polar Opposites – Two young, strong-willed women, polar opposites where good and bad are concerned, meet in a biker gang when each is masquerading as someone else. Should they be the best of friends or the worst of enemies? Interesting plot twists along the way.


Renée’s Revenge – Volume one in an adult series of tales of a group of assassin-mercenaries, their missions, romances and sex lives. Some segments bisexual or of a lesbian nature.


Rising Up follows the life of a young woman in a remote European village as she rises up through the political ranks, conquering her man along the way.


The Six-Gun Saloon Girls take no grief from those rowdy characters in this spoof of the Old West. Sarah wears two six-guns and knows how to use them.


Tasting Testing – Volume four of the assassin series; assassin-mercenaries, their missions, romances and sex lives. Some segments bisexual or of a lesbian nature. The reader gets introduced to a new sex-party theme. Adult erotica.


Thailand Terror – The fifth volume of the assassin series, this story follows the girls to Asia, where their adventures continue, with a surprise ending. Some segments are of a bisexual or lesbian nature.


That Old House on Delaney Street is home to Mama, who uses an ax and a buzz saw to ensure her will be done. She and Papa keep a pair of teens prisoner for special games in their dreary basement. BDSM.


The Sinclair Affair tells of a young orphan woman who survives an assassination attempt to discover she may have a twin. She takes her newly-acquired Glock and silencer to the big city as she attempts to find her, having many adventures along the way.


Trouble in Toyland is a short adult fantasy tale of a wicked Queen and the young woman who defeats her (sexual content).


These stories are available individually on the Kindle, and most are in one of the collections “Willful Women”, “Willful Women II”, or the novel “Assassin Affairs – Encore Edition”.


Assassin Affairs – Encore edition – The Willful Women Assassins Series is consolidated into this novel, with a conclusion that is available only here. A young, New York City hit-woman uses her seductive, manipulative, femme fatale nature to hook-up with an assortment of women who are not always what they seem, developing them into a team demure and innocent-looking, but in reality, feisty and lethal.



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Willful Women Reviews

“Willful Women” Reviews –
5.0 out of 5 stars A “Willful” Reading, August 18, 2011
By  Mr. E. – 
This review is from: Willful Women: ***Stories*** (Paperback)

These stories are not politically correct and are not for the faint of heart, this book is 12 stories of butt kicking action from beginning to end, readers will not be disappointed!! Here Mr. Smith puts a great amount of effort and attention to detail into character and storyline development while drawing inspiration from different facets of life. While the woman are “Willful” and will always do whatever they can to come out on top. In the end, most readers will find themselves wishing they could be one of these women or wanting them.


2 of 2 people found the following review helpful:
5.0 out of 5 stars Smith’s Finest Collection Yet,August 17, 2011
This review is from: Willful Women: ***Stories*** (Paperback)

These stories are action packed with twists and turns to keep the reader guessing what will come next. How Mr. Smith comes up with the variety of story-lines is amazing. I relished reading each and every one just to see what in the world would happen. My husband and I thoroughly enjoyed the collection, a lot of conflict, action, romance, drama, and humor. I recommend Willful Women to anyone who is looking for a good read. Definitely 5 stars in my opinion.


5.0 out of 5 stars willfull women has many willful readers,July 29, 2011
This review is from: Willful Women: ***Stories*** (Paperback)

Willful Women has many willful readers who enjoy reading Randall Smith’s humorous, sexy and fast paced collection of short stories. They will leave you with a big smile on your face and a warm place in your heart. It is fun to read and very entertaining. 5 stars and kudos to you, Randy! well done !


2 of 2 people found the following review helpful:
5.0 out of 5 stars Excellent reading, July 12, 2011
This review is from: Willful Women: ***Stories*** (Paperback)

I found this collection of stories to be very entertaining. Randall writes in a style that reminds me of several other authors in this genre. I heartily recommend his writings.


4 of 4 people found the following review helpful:
5.0 out of 5 stars A fine collection, not to be missed,October 8, 2010
Midwest Book Review (Oregon, WI USA) –
This review is from: Willful Women: ***Stories*** (Paperback)

PG is too tame for some readers. “Willful Women” is a collection of short stories focusing on the more fun and adult sort of entertainment, murder, scandal, corruption, and of course, sex. With the theme of the willing and able woman for many adventures, Randall S. Smith tells many pulpy and fun stories that will give readers a great deal of fun. “Willful Women” is a fine collection, not to be missed.

Willful Women, August 20, 2011

This review is from: Willful Women: ***Stories*** (Paperback)

‘Willful Women’ by Randall Smith is certainly a creative coullage of suspense filled short stories of determined women and the exciting variety of circumstances they must contend with, to say the least. Thrilling! Don’t miss reading all twelve stories. Easy reading with twists and turns that will surprise you! Look forward to more of your talented imagination, Randy! Thanks, Carlee N. Grace.



Trio of Story Samples – Willful Women

“Willful Women” is a collection of a dozen fictional stories. While they vary in genre, each has at least one strong, willful woman. Some kick butt, others use guns, one prefers a taser, another likes a whip or a knife. Some are naughty, some nice, some bi-curious. This blog highlights three of the tales.

About Sam – a fast-paced page turner, tells of a housewife and mother confronted with various family issues while she’s busy working as a secret agent for the Department of Homeland Security, saving the free world from al-Qaeda’s misdeeds.

Leah Dallaire – “About SAM delves into the adventure/romance genre. Intrigue and plot twists make this story about a seemingly ordinary housewife working as a government agent a fast-paced page turner.”


Excerpts: After finishing her schooling, she had enlisted in the military and unknown to her family had worked her way into a Special Forces unit where she worked with surface-to-air missiles (S.A.M.) and had gotten computer and combat training. She could kick butt with the best of them, and still kept in touch with many of the guys. One of them, a fellow named Dex, had tagged her with the nickname SAM……………It was now only ten minutes until the space shuttle was scheduled to launch, and the Homeland Security office was still trying to alert NASA to the possible threat……….Their hearts beating wildly, they each looked up into the night sky to watch the two fire trails begin to converge. The next moments were heart stopping, but the Stinger hadn’t gotten its lock-on and eventually fell into the ocean……….“Two F-22 fighter jets have been scrambled, Sam. I know I don’t have to tell you their orders. You’ve got about seven minutes.”……………….About the time that their parachutes finally opened, there was a stereophonic screaming sound as two missiles sped overhead, and then an enormous ball of fire and a loud explosion. As their chutes drifted closer to the ground, Ginnie was now conscious enough to shout over to Sam “How do you think they knew we were off the plane?”

To which Sam wryly responded, “They didn’t!”

…………………..“I don’t know, Sam. I haven’t really thought of myself as a family man since my divorce. You know I really care about you, but I’m not sure I’m ready for another serious commitment.”

“I can take you, Dex. You know that, don’t you?”

“Take me? Take me where?”

“Don’t make me embarrass you here in public, fool.”

“Good luck with that, little girl. I’ve got six inches and sixty pounds on you.”

“Never mind the sixty pounds, let’s talk about the six inches, but I bet it’s even more,” she winked.

“Yeah, okay, that’s cute.”

“If I can take you right here right now, we do things my way,” Sam challenged confidently.

“I’ll take that dare any day of the week,” he responded as he stuck out his chest and tried to look manly.

Before he could take his next breath, Dex found himself on his back looking up into his lady’s blue-green eyes. She had him pinned down with one of his arms bent behind his back. As she stared down into his baby blues, she gave his arm an affectionate twist. With his free arm, he pulled her close and kissed her…………………..“The President’s top science advisor was here for a briefing earlier today, along with a senior staffer from the EMP Commission. Our intelligence says Iran has something called Project 111. It’s thought to be their attack preparation plan for the destruction of Western civilization……….Smitty looked over at Sam and Dex as two torpedoes could now be seen streaking past the trawler just off its stern.




The Sinclair Affair – tells of a young orphan woman who survives an assassination attempt to discover she may have a twin. She takes her newly-acquired Glock and silencer to the big city as she attempts to find her, having many adventures along the way.

Excerpts: The malicious character began rifling through her clothes as if he were looking for something in particular…….a shot fired; his body went limp on top of hers………her imagination raced over the possibility of having a twin……..her new gun; it was an Airsoft Glock 18c, ‘Assassin’ model!………Just as her finger found its way to the hidden trigger, and number six was seconds away from certain death, Annie surprised everyone by flipping her kidnapper onto the rails. While Alyssa’s secret was the Glock, Annie’s had been that she was a martial arts expert……… “Rose is working undercover for the government. We don’t know many of the details, just that she has gotten herself between a rock and a hard place”………..Knowing he was on the verge of a potentially big story, Bill made them agree to give him exclusive access to the unfolding tale in exchange for his assistance.

Polar Opposites – introduces us to two young, strong-willed women, polar opposites where good and bad are concerned. They meet while each is masquerading as someone else. Should they be the best of friends or the worst of enemies? Conflicts and emotions abound as the story unfolds, taking them into the political arena, with interesting plot twists along the way.

Excerpts: Mom and Dad were considered near superheroes by their agency, and wanted their two kids to be at least as good. Both had received martial arts training throughout their childhood…………. She got relocated to Florida and went undercover as a young woman with a police record. Her instructions were to infiltrate an up-and-coming group that was being monitored for its arms and drugs dealings…………….“I know you’re tough. I saw you use those martial arts skills of yours; that’s why I drugged your drink earlier. It’s a version of that date-rape drug you’ve probably heard about. I’ve become a pro at dosing things just right. You can move around, but you can’t fight me. We have a love-hate relationship, don’t we?” asked Jenny……………As the twosome sat together on the poolside loveseat, Jenny said, “I truly don’t want to kill you, Trish. We could still be best friends. I just want you to appreciate how things are. If you can come up with a way to prove your loyalty to me, I could let you live. Kill someone for me, sweetie,”…………………“Let’s have some fun, love,” said Jenny as she helped Tricia to stand up and moved her over to the pool’s edge in front of the new guests. “There’s one round chambered and an empty clip. Kill the bartender for the video camera, and I’ll let you live. If you don’t, I’ll shoot him myself, but in such a way that he falls into the girl and knocks her into the pool. We’ll all watch her drown, and it will be all your fault………………… Tricia kicked the weapon from her hand, and then spun around and kicked her on the side of her head. Jenny rebounded to her feet and returned the kick. As they fought, Tricia drew on all her years of martial arts training; Jenny drew on all her years of experience fighting her way up in the mean streets of Miami gang life. They were evenly matched………………..she relaxed in a hot bubble bath, listening to soft music, sipping some red wine, and surrounded by burning candles. Suddenly she sensed she wasn’t alone and looked up to see Jenny standing over her, brandishing her pistol with its attached silencer.

“I’m baaaacckkk,” Jenny gloated.

“This can’t be good,” she said fearfully. “What are you doing here, Jenny? How did you get in?”

“Tsk tsk tsk; I got in because I’m good at what I do. You’ve been a naughty girl, haven’t you? It wasn’t nice arresting me like that. I hope you’ve learned your lesson.” She sat on the side of the soap-bubble-filled tub as she threateningly slid the edge of the silencer along Kristin’s face.

“What do you want, Jenny?” she asked uneasily.

“Suck on this,” she ordered, as she grabbed her by the hair and forced the weapon into Kristin’s mouth. The two of them remained motionless as the seconds ticked by slowly and as they peered into one another’s eyes……..

………Suddenly there was a humongous explosion! Everyone watching was in a state of shocked silence. The video camera caught it all as the large plane broke into two pieces, four miles up.

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Randall S. Smith tells many pulpy and fun stories that will give readers a great deal of fun. “Willful Women” is a fine collection, not to be missed.

The Midwest Book Review

Pirate Queen of the Caribbean – Samples

       Suddenly a shot rang out! Donnie slumped over dead. It was an ambush. Another go-fast boat had been hidden behind the buoy, lying in wait for their anticipated approach.

       “Oh shit!” Joey shouted as he made a sharp turn and gunned the engines to full speed. Frankie reached for a rifle, hidden away for emergencies. Gina groped in the darkness for a life jacket.  

       “I can’t see anything! Where do I shoot?” shouted Frankie.

       “I don’t know!” Joey answered as another shot whizzed by his ear, just missing him. “God dammit, these guys must have night vision goggles! I’m going to have to zigzag to avoid their gunfire.” As he quickly made an evasive turn, both Gina and Frankie fell to the floor.

       Soon a volley of additional gunfire began hitting Miss Teke. The radar was hit; they were running blind. Then one of the engines took a bullet; their speed dropped.

       “These guys are gonna blow us up!” Joey yelled with a clear tone of fear in his voice.

       “I don’t think that’s their plan,” said Frankie. “These shots are too targeted. These guys are pros!”

       The pursuing go-fast was quickly alongside them and two additional shots rang out. Both Joey and Frankie took hits and fell wounded and helpless. Gina now had on her life-jacket and pondered jumping into the dark waters, miles from anywhere. Before she could work up the courage, their boat was boarded and she was promptly subdued.

       “Who are you guys? What do you want?” she asked in a futile manner.

       “Shut up, bitch!” one of them shouted as he punched her in the face. While she lay there semi-conscious she could hear their voices and the roar of the two boats’ engines, but she had no idea where she was or where she was going. What little consciousness she had left soon slipped away, and the next thing she knew she was awakening in a strange windowless room.

       As she began to regain her senses, she felt pain in her arms and could sense they were back on land. She quickly discovered that she had been strung up and was hanging from a ceiling beam, with small ropes tied around her wrists. Her captors had removed her life-jacket and bound both Joey and Frankie into two nearby chairs. They, too, were in a state of semi-consciousness.

       “Wake up, Joey!” one of them shouted.


       A few minutes later Ramon came into the room. Everyone was surprised to see his little companion wearing a chain dog collar and a leash.

       “Hi, all,” he greeted. “I always wanted to have a puppy when I was younger, so I decided to make her my puppy.” He had the young girl crawling on her hands and knees, and she was naked. “I’ve decided to name her Puppy, too,” he said as he swatted her butt and commanded, “Speak, Puppy!”

       “Arf, arf,” was the newly-trained response. The whole room laughed.

       “Where are her clothes?” asked Gina with a snicker.

       “Puppies don’t wear clothes, silly. Come along, Puppy,” he said as he tugged on her leash. Ramon then sat at the table and instructed his little pet to curl up at his feet.

       “Take her out to the bunker with the others,” requested Gina as Alejandro rejoined the group and smiled at the scene.

       “No, I want Puppy here with me!” he insisted. “What difference could it possibly make anyway?”

       “Okay, okay if you feel that strongly about it,” she said as she plopped his plate of breakfast food in front of him.

       He then got up and went into the pantry, returning with an old dog food bowl. He put a small amount of his breakfast into the bowl and set it on the floor by his new pet.


       “Would you prefer to be with the younger sister, Sissy?” asked Gina as she slid her stroking hand from Sissy’s hair down to her chest. Sissy was too afraid to push her hand away and sat there enduring the gentle fondling.

       “No, Gina, I’m happy just sitting here with you.”

       Puppy promptly returned with the video camera, and Gina played back one of the clips of them tasing the girls. As they watched, Gina put Sissy’s hand between her legs. “Can you see why obedience is important here, Sissy?”

       “Yes, ma’am,” she said, with an increasing state of anxiety and cooperation.

       Gina then directed the younger sister to position herself in front of them as a footrest, and they both placed their feet on her bare back.

       “Hey!” hollered Ramon. “I want my puppy back. Use your own special friend as a footrest, not my puppy!”

       “He’s right you know, Sissy. We can’t monopolize Puppy for such things during the persuasion game.”

       Not wanting Ramon to have her back, she commanded “Puppy, go see if Uncle Carlos needs you.”

       Carlos now liked having the sisters call him uncle. He said it made it seem like more of a family environment to him. He was clearly the head of this makeshift family and no one ever dared question his authority. He was also the keeper of the popular yellow taser gun and kept it at his side. Puppy quickly scampered over to him and got invited up onto his lap.

       “Um, Sissy,” said Gina.

       “Yes, Gina?”

       “You wouldn’t mind would you?” Gina asked, as she looked down at the now-empty space by their feet.

       Having seen the importance of submissiveness, she said, “No, I don’t mind, Gina,” as she arose from their large, comfy chair and repositioned herself to become the new footrest. Gina rested her feet upon her special guest’s back and smiled as she got more comfortable and ate some popcorn.


       Disregarding her objective of masquerading as a group from the Middle East, Gina next climbed up onto one of the tables just as the lone remaining security guard happened to belatedly make his move. She fired off a brief burst of rounds, promptly killing him. She then shouted out that she was the infamous Pirate Queen; giving out a few last minute orders as she pointed to where a few service staff and fellow passengers had hidden. They were hastily rounded up. Cell phones had not been a concern, being out of signal range, but unnoticed by any of the pirates, a few passengers had used them to take photos and videos of Gina’s shooting spree.

       “Incoming choppers!” the perimeter guards suddenly warned over their little two-way radios. The departure quickly stepped up pace. The kidnapped couples, along with a few attractive female service staff members, were packed into the go-fasts which would all be going in different directions. As the leader, the Pirate Queen left last.………………The next morning, the Pirate Queen’s photograph would be on the front page of every newspaper coast to coast. The video of her standing on the table shouting out her name, firing off the rounds, killing the security guard and giving orders, would make every national TV newscast. Her infamy would soon be at its peak.

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Sample Sunday – Willful Women

                              The Inept Assassin

Alyssa looked on at the mysterious young man getting off the train, as he seemed to be ogling her. She stared back with a sultry gaze as if to suggest that she could be available. The young woman was used to such attention from men; she often turned heads as she entered a room. Her petite frame was perfectly proportioned, and her alluring eyes had a come-and-get-me look. In fact, her nickname in high school had been Alluring Alyssa.
        The stranger was in his mid-twenties and about her age. His long hair reminded her of someone in a rock band. It wasn’t long before he disappeared into the crowd of holiday travelers. As she daydreamed about how it might be if they would ever end up in bed together, she got distracted by her boss, the depot supervisor, and was sent on an errand.
        Alyssa had worked at the train depot for most of the summer and planned to return to the local community college in the fall. She was an average girl with no special skills other than being a quick learner, very intuitive, personable and unusually perceptive. She could generally tell what a person was thinking, and frequently finished strangers’ sentences for them.
        Her new task took her over behind the depot’s trash containers, well away from the crowded platform. Her heart raced a bit as the long-haired young man suddenly appeared in front of her. She was expecting him to hit on her, when instead he hit her, revealing a gun with a silencer on it. He looked her in the eye as he punched her hard in the face.
        “You hit me!?” she stammered in a startled state of amazement and bewilderment as she fell to the ground. There had been several attacks on local girls lately, so Alyssa had recently taken a rape prevention course offered at the community center.
        The malicious character began rifling through her clothes as if he were looking for something in particular.  “Where is it?” he asked in an excited manner.
        “What do you want? Why are you doing this to me?” she mumbled in her weakened, groggy state.
        “Tell me what you’ve done with the Sinclair!” he demanded. His hands began exploring under her clothes.
        “Rape!” she attempted to call out as he covered her mouth, muffling her appeal.
        He probed every crevice of her body, and then pushed up her blouse. A look of astonishment came over his face as he declared, “Oh my God, where’s your tattoo, Rose? You’re not her!”
        Alyssa instinctively employed her rape prevention training as she struggled with the stranger. She wrapped her hand around the weapon as a shot fired; his body went limp on top of hers.
        No one had yet noticed her predicament, and the large dumpsters shielded them from view, so she took some time to go through his belongings. Alyssa had a curiosity which occasionally got her into unique situations, and today would be no different as she stuffed his wallet, gun and keys into her jacket’s large pockets. One of her old boyfriends had been a gun buff, occasionally taking her to the firing range. She had come to feel comfortable using one and recognized this one as a Glock. A twinge of excitement came over her as she looked down at the man she had just killed. Her foot pushed up against his side, and she rolled his remains into the nearby retention pond.
        Her shift was ending, so without a word to anyone about her scary experience, she went searching for his backpack that she had noticed as he had gotten off the train. She guessed that he had been an amateur, because it had been so easy to take him. The backpack was found nearby and its contents consisted of a passport, a list of addresses including hers, a gun cleaning kit, and a leather pouch. The passport showed his name as Bret Billings. A pang of excitement swept over her as she unzipped the pouch and discovered five bundles of hundred dollar bills! Having grown up in foster care, she had led a life of frugality and had never seen this kind of money before.
        As her thoughts drifted back to the attack, she replayed in her mind what the fellow had said. Why had he been so convinced she was someone else? Who was this Rose person? Having never been able to learn anything about her family background while in the foster care system, Alyssa had often fantasized about having a brother or sister somewhere. Now her imagination raced over the possibility of having a twin.
        Her next stop was the library. She used one of the public computers to search for any information on Sinclair and on a woman or tattoo called Rose. Nothing of use came up on the latter, but she hit pay dirt on the other. The Sinclair was a large diamond not too dissimilar to the great blue Hope Diamond, and had been stolen from the prominent Sinclair family of Chicago. There were some vague references to the family’s possible mob affiliations. The computer also had information on her new gun; it was an Airsoft Glock 18c, ‘Assassin’ model!
        The whole scenario began to greatly intrigue Alyssa. She had no strong ties to the area, and wasn’t all that interested in attending the community college any longer. Her new goal in life would now be to locate her possible long lost twin. She deposited nine thousand dollars of her new-found bankroll into an account with one of the national banks, put thirty thousand into a safe-deposit box, and decided to carry the remaining eleven thousand as traveling money. She had heard that deposits over ten grand attract federal attention and preferred to avoid that. Her new ATM card could come in handy for emergencies, but she felt it best not to use it, figuring it could reveal her whereabouts to whomever might be pursuing this Rose woman. Because her address had been on Bret’s list, Alyssa promptly terminated her lease. She put her important things into a small storage bin, then either gave away or threw away the rest. Her next stop would be Chicago.

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